5 Minute Friday Laugh

5 Minute Friday – Laugh

Whenever I am asked what my favorite things are or for what I am grateful, one thing has remained consistent: my children’s laughter. There I go again talking about my kids. LOL But I’m including my son in this one.

The laugh I hear emanating from the living room or kitchen at times is enough to make me grin from ear to ear and stop what I’m doing to thank God for this simple blessing.

These two are 18 months apart, and despite some similarities, they are VERY different. Like water and fire different.

They argue frequently and are both too stubborn for their own good. They get that from all sides of their family. But when they find common ground, share their love for music or anime, or scroll through memes together, their laughter is like music. It’s heaven-sent for me. 

I am so blessed to be a witness to their ability to find common ground and share a good laugh together. 

Laughter is such good medicine and I think many arguments could be healed by just letting go and laughing together.


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