Five Minute Friday Extreme

5 Minute Friday – Extreme

When I first saw the word extreme, several extreme things came to mind – politics (it’s right after midterms), temperatures, tempers. None of those were things about which I wanted to write. I decided to wait until inspiration hit. And I waited.

For the last three nights, I was blessed to be able to attend my daughter’s most recent play. After closing night, I sat in my car and realized: I was/am extremely blessed.

Cecilia, Alexander, Eliana, and Philip in The Misanthrope

When both of my children agreed to attend this particular university, I knew it meant a large move. We sold our house and moved across the country so they could attend and still live “at home.”

Sitting in the driver’s seat last night, I realized that this was an extreme blessing. Most parents do not get the opportunity to be around their kids when they “go away” to college. And most kids don’t actively invite their parents to be a part of what they’re doing. 

Watching my daughter all three nights was an extreme gift, for which I will always be grateful.

P.S. I promise not to write about my daughter every FMF!


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