I started a store on Redbubble to earn some extra money for my cancer expenses and my kids’ college expenses. I also now showcase some of my photographs, as well as some of my daughter’s art.

If you’re not familiar with Redbubble, artists can take their art and have it put on clothing, wall art, stickers, acrylic blocks, phone and laptop cases, and more. So if you see an image you like here, it might be available on another type of object. I can’t possible show all of them here, so I will try to show a variety so you can see both my images as well as the items on which they go. Each image will take you to that design on the site, but if you scroll down, under the main image, you will see a link for all the items that design can be printed on.

NOTE: Not all art looks good on all colors. I have found that black text does not show up very well on their darker color clothing. I recommend that you order darker images or black text on lighter clothing and white text or lighter images on their darker colors. That seems logical, but I did order something with black text on a purple t-shirt, because I could see the text clearly on my screen. Unfortunately, when the shirt arrived, I could not read the text.