My name is Heather. I am a Catholic Christian retired homeschooling mother. I love my Lord Jesus and my family. My children include my son, LegoFan, and my daughter, Diva.

LegoFan has graduated from high school and is now known as AgentSecret24. He attended one semester of community college and is now awaiting his sister’s graduation so they can go to the same college. He has his own YouTube Channel: AgentSecret24 and is composing music on Bandcamp. If you like his videos, please subscribe and hit the bell for notifications. If you like his music, please consider following him and buying his music.

Diva has become quite the accomplished vocalist and actress. She has been a Cantor at church since she was 13, and has been selected to participate in two adult choirs for major events within the Archdiocese of Baltimore; one of them a national convention. She started her acting career as Flower #4 in a community theatre production, and the acting bug struck! She has gone on in high school to play:

  • Fan & a Cratchit Kid (A Christmas Carol),
  • Marta Von Trapp (Sound of Music),
  • Lorraine Sheldon (The Man Who Came to Dinner),
  • Annie (Annie),
  • Crystal Allen (The Women),
  • Glinda (Wizard of Oz),
  • Abby Brewster (Arsenic & Old Lace),
  • Belle (Beauty & the Beast)

If you’re interested in seeing her talents, you can check out my YouTube Channel.

And me… I retired from homeschooling when they reached high school. I had intended to homeschool all the way through, but with Diva’s talents emerging, I just couldn’t provide her with the vocal and acting instruction she needed. So I put them in private high school and had to figure out how to earn more money to pay for it. I joined some Direct Sales companies and became a Virtual Assistant. I’ve added Mystery Shopping and Affiliate Marketing to my repertoire. Now that they are both headed to college, I need to increase them all in order to cover those tuition bills!

But now I’ve been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Please see my posts on this as I chronicle my experiences so that others can learn; improving their own situation or those of people they love.

Thank you for reading; and thank you, in advance, for your loving comments and your purchases that help my family. Any purchases you make through my affiliate links or direct sales companies will go towards my cancer costs and my kids’ college tuition.

God Bless you!


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