Creative Memories

Creative Memories has been a love of mine since the company was formed. I joined the original CM early on, but the quarterly requirements were much higher than I was able to achieve, so when I was spending far more than I was earning, I had to let it go. But in the years since, Creative Memories has changed their model. Gone are the quarterly requirements! In came a tiered commission system in its place. It is SO much better. I can sell what I like without a storeroom of inventory. People can buy what they like without being a slave to what I thought they might like. So I have returned to the Creative Memories family.

I love photography and have taken tons of photos since the introduction of digital photography; much to my kids’ chagrin! I love being able to document my family’s history in photos and stories.











There are frequent new releases: new colors, new punches, new album designs, etc. I love the variety!

But what if you don’t want to print out your photos and take the time to crop with punches, paper, and stickers? Well, you don’t have to! In this digital age, you can make an album completely digitally and have it shipped to you. No scissors or double-sided tape, no scraps or mess!

If you take pictures, you should not just leave them on your phone or upload them to the cloud. They should be enjoyed by your friends and family! Put them in albums, whether through scrapbooking or digitally, and create a legacy for your family!

Please visit my Creative Memories website and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your purchases as each one benefits my family!