Thrive90 – Proof

It’s been a few days since I posted – very busy week! But I wanted to pop in and say that I have had a major success (to me) in my Thrive90 journey. I was able to go out and get a new pair of jeans – One. Size. Smaller. Yay! I know that one of my goals was to be able to dress in more skirts and dresses, but since I’m still losing I don’t want to replace my wardrobe just yet.

I still don’t like to exercise; and I’m not sure that will ever change. But I do like that I am getting results from Fit Marriage’s program. I like Thrive90’s variety in both its routines and its phases. I like that it’s a full body workout almost every time. I like that each workout is 30 minutes or less. That being said, it’s time to go workout for the day – today it’s Strength Circuit!

Have a great day!

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  1. Heather, the Thrive90 workout sounds interesting—kind of like my Supreme90, which is also 30 minutes.

  2. Congratulations! I hope you have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks, Shawna!

  3. I tried the P90X once….is that similar, other than the “90” in the title? I have not been able to make an exercise routine “stick.” Congratulations on the great results – that’s some hard work, man. You deserve those new jeans – yay!!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Love the Aspen painting! The guys who developed Thrive90 also promote P90X from Beachbody – they’re actually Beachbody coaches. I think what I’m doing is a step or two down from P90X; but that’s where I’m headed once my 90 days are complete. I’ve heard it’s tough.

      1. We’re so proud of you, Heather!

        Whenever you’re ready for P90X, definitely let me know. I can’t recall if you have seen my Prelude to P90X information or not, but I’m happy to share with you how to maximize your success there as well.


        1. Thanks, Dustin! I will let you know about P90X – I did get your prelude (thanks!) Given the over-heating problem I had last night during your webinar (and a few other issues), I will be sending my laptop in for repair – I have been putting it off until I finish Thrive90. I don’t know what I’ll do without it for a week but… I will probably do some of the exercise videos I have lying around the house until it gets back, then go from there. Can’t lose all the progress I have made!

  4. Visiting from Company Girls, and may I say, WAY TO GO!! A smaller size jean is an awesome accomplishment!

    1. Hi Carey, thanks! I am so happy to see the size going down! It was so depressing to watch it go in the other direction.

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