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Thrive90 – Down But Not Out

I’m just popping in here briefly to update my story on my Thrive90 program. I have technically completed Phase II as tomorrow (Sunday) is a day of rest. I will weigh myself, take measurements, weigh myself, and complete the fit test in a couple of days.

But I wanted to talk about something that happened during this part of the program. During the second of the four weeks, I sprained my ankle. But, like many of us moms out there, I ignored it. Or, at least, I tried to ignore it. I wrapped it in an ace bandage, used ice and heat, and elevated it. But I continued with my exercises, sort of. And I did not go to the doctor. So the second week I didn’t work as hard because my ankle wouldn’t tolerate many of the moves. I finally decided to go to have it x-rayed. So, during my third week I had a diagnosis of a sprain with instructions to rest it. Duh!

But, instead of using this as an excuse to skip my exercises, I decided to modify the exercises so that I could still workout without bothering my ankle. That was easier said than done, but I wasn’t about to quit halfway through this program. About halfway through week four, this week, my ankle began to feel better. So I gave it my all in the last two days – boy am I a bit sore!

As a result of my injury, I do not expect to have the same kind of results that I had after the first phase. I will be content to know that I have maintained. Check back in a couple of days and I’ll have those results posted. I am looking forward to starting Phase III of Thrive90 on Monday.

Is anyone else a member of Fit Marriage? I’d love to hear from others who are doing (or have completed) the Thrive90 program.

3 thoughts on “Thrive90 – Down But Not Out

    1. Congratulations! I found I liked Phase II’s videos better than Phase I’s. Maybe it was because I was more accustomed to exercising at that point and needed a change in the variety, but I did enjoy them more. Looking forward to starting Phase III in a little while.

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