Sewing Lesson

I’m not a seamstress. I’ve sewn a few things, but none of them very well. I think my most ambitious project to date was a set of bloomers from Marie-Madeline Studio. There are several errors, but my daughter really likes them:

I enjoyed making it for her, but I haven’t done anything since. However, earlier this summer, Diva and I were looking through a class list for JoAnn’s Summer Camps and she decided she wanted to take a sewing class. Since I wasn’t sure I had much to teach her, I let her pick her favorite class. She selected a beginner’s quilting/applique class.

We selected her fabrics and a tote bag (on which the applique would be sewn), and I was not at all surprised when she selected pink fabrics, with a little green and sparkles.

Today was the day.  We took my sewing machine and her fabrics to JoAnn’s. She met with the instructor and the one other student, and I left. I really wanted to stay with her, but they highly encouraged parents to let the girls learn on their own.

Near the end of the class, I returned and was able to snap a few photos of her work.

Diva really enjoyed herself! She said, on the way home, that she wanted to continue to sew.  I was pleased, but now I need to learn right along with her. I am looking forward to helping her; and learning along the way.

Here’s her finished project:

I am proud of you Diva!

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  • Leah Adams

    How wonderful for her! My mother made all of our clothes until about 15 years ago. I had beautifully tailored suits, dresses and even my wedding dress from my first marriage. She was self-taught but our clothes looked like they came from Nordstrom they were so beautifully tailored. Sewing is quickly becoming a lost art. I hope your little Diva continues to learn.

  • April

    Sounds like a wonderful class! I remember my first sewing class as a preteen, and I loved it. I would love to work on improving my sewing skills as well and pass them down to my daughter. Linking from Raising Homemakers. Thanks~April

  • Pat

    Very good job, the sewing and quilting gene skipped me. Moma was great, me not so much. She did a really good job and I love the colors.

  • Carey

    How fun! I didn’t know JoAnn’s did that. Might have to check that out. I would love to learn how to sew, too, and so would my girls. I did it waaaay back in girls club, but I think most of that info has left my head. Tell her that her bag is adorable!

    (Found you on Company Girls!)

  • Kathleen

    I love to see girls learning to sew. Kudos for seeing that this happens with your daughter. Thanks for the report and please tell Diva that I’m proud of her too!

  • Jan

    Looks great!! I was a little older when learned to sew — a skill that stood me in good stead for decades. (I rarely get the machine out now, but I could!)

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