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Thrive90 – Day Two

Well today I actually had to exercise – the kids even did it with me. It’s good for them to see their mother doing this and to take part.

Why am I doing this again? Oh, that’s right, for my health (and I wouldn’t mind some clothes other than sweats and Ts).

I had to do a workout called Core Blast. I was happy that I could do a few of the exercises for the full number of reps or the full time. However, there were a few that kicked my you-know-what! Either I couldn’t complete the suggested number of reps or I couldn’t hold the position for the suggested amount of time. But since I am scheduled to do this workout a total of four times, I am hoping that will change. Wow, was I tired at the end.

Here’s what I liked about it:

  • there was a variety of exercises,
  • there was a combination of exercises and stretches,
  • to complement the video, there was a ‘worksheet’ that told me the exercises in the order completed; and provided room for me to make notes & record the amount of time I held a particular pose –  a way to measure my progress over the four weeks,
  • I felt like I got a total body workout (especially the legs after yesterday’s 30 minute walk),
  • there was enjoyable music playing in the background; it wasn’t too loud or obnoxious,
  • it showed a husband and wife team working out together,
  • it showed a couple of possible modifications to assist beginners (like me!),
  • Tony D. (the instructor) sometimes turned to show the correct form of a stretch or exercise,
  • the fact that it was on the computer, I could easily hit the pause button if I needed to make adjustments or get a sip of water.

There was really only one thing I didn’t like (not counting the physical pain :>). Since this was downloaded to my computer and I do not have a compatible TV, it was difficult to find a height that worked for the standing up exercises as well as the floor exercises. I actually had to move the laptop from the table to the floor, and back again, in order to see everything well. But it really wasn’t that much of an inconvenience.

My diet has actually improved over the last two days and I really hope I can continue that trend as well. I know how important it is to change eating habits when you’re trying to lose weight and/or improve health. I have a love affair with all things chocolate – Coconut M & Ms, Hershey’s Kisses, ice cream, cookies, fudge, etc. And I have made a deal with myself that I will cut it down, but not eliminate it. Now I realize that this may slow my weight loss a little, but I also know that if I completely deprive myself of this indulgence (which has admittedly gotten out of control), I will not succeed at all.

So yesterday and today, I ate more sensible meals than I have in recent past. I even made this:

It actually has more green in it than any other color – I was proud of myself. And you know what? It was delicious! I also made myself (and Diva) a strawberry-banana smoothie for breakfast today. Now, like I said, I have a chocolate addiction, so I did have a little each day, but the amount was tiny in comparison to what I was eating. I limited myself to about 1/2-3/4 of a cup of low-fat ice cream. And I stopped. I enjoyed the little taste I allowed myself and didn’t feel like I needed to have more. Yay!

Now I don’t know if I will post about every day of this Thrive90 program, but I’m going to try to post about each new element and any progress that I have made. I’m truly hoping that I see some results, even if they’re small, relatively quickly; as they will be powerful motivators to continue.

Wanna join me?

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