I know – two posts in one day when I have only posted sporadically in the past!

I was recently over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum and Sheila is doing a month-long challenge on simplifying one’s life. Like my last post, this is something that has been time perfectly (isn’t God good that way?) for me and my family. As we organize, pack and move (then do the same in reverse order) simplifying is something we need to do. We began with yard sales and actually raised a little money while de-cluttering the house. Now that the move is imminent, we have begun donating truck-fuls to a Rescue Mission and Salvation Army. It feels good knowing that our things will be helping others in addition to helping us pare down.

So I thank Sheila for doing this during the month of October – Simplify Your Life Month!

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    Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum!

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