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Thrive90 – Week Two Update

Wow! Thanks for all the visits yesterday – it was the most visits I’ve had since starting this blog! A special thanks goes out to Dustin, one of the co-creators of Thrive90, who gave me a shout-out on both Facebook and Twitter! Dustin has his own website called Engaged Marriage, in addition to Fit Marriage, where he talks all things marriage from a Catholic Christian standpoint. There are some great practical things there, so go take a look.

I am now halfway through Week Two and I’m doing well. My hamstrings are not as sore as they used to be, and I did the HIIT Squat Walks again today. I am making it through all eight walks, but it’s still difficult. Right now I am proud that I can make it through the whole thing. Yesterday, when I completed the Core Blast for the second time, I found that I had improved in some areas, but stayed the same on others. That’s OK. At least there were some noticeable improvements. I could hold the Static Pike a couple of seconds longer. I made it through the whole 30 seconds of jumping jacks. I know that sounds easy, but it wasn’t for me last week. Still can’t hold that boat pose though – something to keep working on!

My nutrition is making improvements as well. I am finding that I can get through periods of slight hunger without running to a handful of chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, I have also found that I can just eat 3-4 kisses instead of 10-15. Progress, not perfection is an important motto for me to have right now. I made another chicken salad last night and added some red to my green in the form of tomatoes and red peppers.

Nighttime is still my most difficult period. I can get most of my computer stuff done only after the kids (and hubby) go to bed; and that’s the time I feel the most tempted to splurge. So, when I decide I’m going to allow myself a little chocolate, instead of bringing out a whole bag or box, I only take out the amount I’m going to allow. That way, I don’t absent-mindedly take another bite or handful. I have found that once I’ve settled in for some computer time, I don’t want to get up. If the food is in the other room, then it’s not as likely that I will go get it. It seems to be working.

And so, I keep plugging away – one day at a time. I would love to hear from any of you who have done, or are doing, the Thrive90 program – thanks for stopping by!

* Disclaimer – as previously stated, the links to Thrive90 and Fit Marriage are affiliate links, in an attempt to help with household expenses. The links to other websites are just links. I have not been paid or compensated to write these posts. I purchased the program and the opinions are solely mine.

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