Tough Decisions

Like I said in this post, I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome on both sides of my body. You can learn more about it here, here, or here. Even with all this information (and there’s a ton more out there), I find myself very conflicted.

Or, maybe because of it.

I have had two thoracic surgeons examine me and perform tests; they both came to the same conclusion: this is a debilitating disease that will only get worse if I don’t address it via surgery. I have been through physical therapy with no improvement. I have taken pain meds which only last a little while, if they work at all. I have been at a healthy weight (when the symptoms first appeared) and at a “less than” healthy weight.

My symptoms are getting more and more difficult to tolerate. I wake up daily with pain in both shoulders and numbness or tingling all the way down to my fingertips. I have difficulty ~ pain, heaviness, fatigue ~ in every day things like brushing my hair, shampooing, dressing, baking. I go numb when I type (I have taken several breaks while typing this post) and when I drive. Sleep is difficult as I cannot get comfortable, or I go numb when lying on my side. These symptoms are not easy to ignore; and they are getting progressively worse. I am actually starting to drop things.

So here’s my dilemma: The docs both say surgery is the only way to alleviate the symptoms; they say I’ll recover quickly and feel much better, returning to normal activities within a few days. Though some say I’ll create more problems than I will solve with this surgery.¬† I want to make sure that it is a decision I can live with – literally. It’s not like they can put my ribs back in once they take them out.

Lord Jesus, send your Holy Spirit to guide my decisions. Help me to do what is right for my body and my children.


  • Diane Yuhas

    Unless your husband had a rib resection for the same reason your doctors are recommending it for you, then his opinion should not affect your decision. Surgery always has risks and creates it’s own set of problems. You have to decide if you are willing to take the risk. Keep praying and trust the Savior to direct your paths. Make your decision and know that God is with you.

  • Teresa Parker

    Has your husband gone with you to the doctor to hear all the information? If he is weighing in on the surgeon’s advice, he should go with you to hear the information. Can he voice his concerns to the surgeon and hear what the surgeon says? Of course it is ultimately your decision but if you are like me you would probably want him to be on the same page with you. And then there’s always a second opinion if it is available. I totally agree with Diane as well.

  • Cheryl Terry

    Praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you in the right direction. May this also be a witness to your husband and draw him to Jesus. May he know the Truth and may the Truth set him free.

    If you decide to have the surgery, come by my blog and let me know. I would be honored to fast and pray for the surgery to be successful. If you decide against surgery, I will fast and pray that the Great Physician will totally heal your body.


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