2016 Curriculum Blog Hop {Part 3}

Back again with some more books for you to peruse! This is Part 3 of the Shower of Roses Curriculum Blog Hop for 2016. Check out my previous posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, and Part 5Scrapbooking Supplies, Crafts, Home, Toys, Fairies.

Same terms: Shipping is buyer’s choice of media or priority; and will be calculated based on weight and zip code when you’re done filling your box. Payment is venmo, paypal ($1 will be added to the total), or personal check (shipping will be delayed until check clears).

All of the following books are $1 each; or 6 for $5. There is a $5 minimum order please. I am happy to combine with anything on any of my other 2016 posts.

Please assume all books have been read; and their condition may range from ok to great.

Multiple BooksMultiple BooksI SurvivedDouble Diamond Dude RanchFlat StanleyKids Silliest RiddlesScience PuzzlesHoe To Eat Fried WormsTrouble RiverCritical Thinking PuzzlesKaleidoscopes
















Missing LinkHorse SenseWorld's Dumbest CrooksAngels' Wings










King Athur






























Don’t forget to check out all my other posts (linked at the top) for more treasures as I clear my shelves. Your purchase will help this single mama be able to afford a tuition payment – we thank you for supporting us!

Last Day for Back-to-School Event

August 10th is the last day to join in the Back-to-School event from NotebookingPages.com. While I must tell you that I am an affiliate for them, I want to tell you that I personally use their products. And I am so excited about the new Notebooking Publisher feature that all members get to use for no charge!

You see LegoFan HATES to write; and that may be putting it mildly. But even he is looking forward to using Notebooking Publisher to help him this year. We’ve tried it out already and it really helps him to focus on the content and not worry about the writing aspect. Debra explains this feature better than I can, so I’m going to let you watch her demonstrate it in this video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHisp1ujJ-E?rel=0&w=560&h=315]
Visit NotebookingPages.com to learn more about their memberships
and their new web-app, The Notebooking Publisher™

Again, August 10th is the last day of the sale, and after that the membership price is going to increase. So, if you’re even a little interested, this is the time to do it. Oh, and one more great thing? The new member price is going up, but the annual renewal price stays the same! Gotta love that!

Online Curriculum Blog Hop

I am joining Jessica over at Shower of Roses for her 2nd annual curriculum blog hop! Each of us will have a list of curriculum that we are no longer using that we would like to pass on to other families that may need it. Each person’s list is independent of Shower of Roses and may have different policies, so please read each one carefully.

Everything I am including comes from a smoke and pet free home. Also, everything is used unless otherwise mentioned. Prices do not include shipping. Please leave a comment with your preferences and I will email you for your address and shipping preferences. I will ship either media mail (for appropriate items) or priority mail. When I email you, you can let me know what you prefer. Please do not forget to enter your correct email address in the comment form so that I can reach you. Rest assured that your information will not be publicly shared.

I will do my best to list anything out of the ordinary about the condition of each item; but keep in mind that everything has been used before; and therefore, it’s all in used condition. So here goes…

I have three cookbooks:

1. The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas – in great condition! I’m not sure if this book has ever been used. It includes more than just recipes. He also includes Chanukah and Christmas in other Cultures. This book retails for $25, I will sell it for $8.

2. Southern Living 1994 Annual Recipes – in great condition! I’m not sure if this book has ever been used. The cover does show a little wear, but the inside seems close to perfect. It includes every single recipe from 1994, plus tips, charts, and tips. The party planner in the back has not been used. $8.

3. Baltimore Orioles: Bird Feed (Produced by the Baltimore Orioles’ Wives) – in good condition! This book has never been used, but the binding was never really done properly. Some of the pages don’t look like they are the same size, and they stick out slightly farther than the cover. The inside however is great – the pages aren’t used. The book is called “Bird Feed” and was put together by the Orioles Wives to benefit their charities. The forward was written by Polly Surhoff (BJ Surhoff’s wife). The 1999 book includes recipes from names you will remember: Amaral, Arias, Baines, Bancells, Bishop, Bones, Bordick, Clark, Conine, Crowley, DeShields, Ebel, Fetters, Flanagan, Hendricks, Horsman, Hunter, Johns, Johnson, Kamieniecki, Kison, Manfra, Miller, Murray, Mussina, Orosco, Perlozzo, Reboulet, Rhodes, Ripken, Snider, Surhoff, Thompson, Timlin, and Wren. $5

Now on to curriculum and other kids’ books…

* Draw Write Now Book One – On The Farm – Kids & Critters – Storybook – in really good used condition and does show a little wear. $6 each or all three for $15 Sold

* Draw Write Now Book Two – Christopher Columbus – Autumn Harvest – in really good used condition and does show a little wear – may have a stray mark or two $6 each or $15 for all three. Sold

* Draw Write Now Book Six – On Land – Ponds & Rivers – Oceans – in really good used condition and does show a little wear – may have a stray mark or two. $6 each or $15 for all three. Sale Pending

* Italic Handwriting by Getty & Dubay (3rd Edition) Instruction Manual – This book shows some shelf wear on both covers, but no tears. There is a sticker on the front and a little residue from another sticker. I didn’t see any, but there’s always a chance for some stray marks in the book. $2

* Wizard Crafts: 23 Spellbinding Toys, Gifts, Costumes, And Party Decorations – It barely looks used at all. All included patterns are still in tact. $5.

* 1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Cars: A Step-by-Step Guide – There is some wear to both covers; you can see the front cover in the photo. The inside is in really good condition, with the exception of the last page which is a completion certificate that has been colored. $3.

* Faith and Life Series: Our Life with Jesus (Book Three – Revised Edition) – This book shows some shelf wear on both covers, but no tears. I didn’t see any, but there’s always a chance for some stray marks in the book. $3

* Singapore Math: Primary Mathematics (US Edition) 4A Textbook – This book has some definite shelf wear, with a little tape on the spine. I didn’t see any, but there may be some stray marks in this book. $3

* Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 4B Textbook (U.S. Edition) – This book has some shelf wear, with curved corners & some marks on the cover. I didn’t see any, but there may be some stray marks in this book. $3

* Scholastic Voyages of Discovery $6 each or $30 for all six.

  • #7 The Art of Sculpture – one ripped page that has been taped; stickers still sealed
  • #8 The World of Theater – pages look good, stickers still sealed
  • #12 The History of Moviemaking – some of the perforations are loose, but they’re supposed to be removed and thrown away; stickers still sealed
  • #14 What the Painter Sees – some of the perforations are loose, but they’re supposed to be removed and thrown away; stickers not sealed, but they are unused
  • #16 Water, the Source of Life – pages look good, stickers not sealed, but they are unused
  • #19 Bikes, Cars, Trucks and Trains – one ripped page that has been taped; some of the perforations are loose, stickers still sealed
















Some Pretty Picture Books (all in very good to like new condition)…

  • The Turtle Saver by Laurie Parker $5
  • The Whoosh of Gadoosh by Pat Skene & Illustrated by Doug Keith $5
  • Miss Lilly and the Hollyhock Garden by Mary A. Martin (Has a review copy stamp in the inside page) $5
  • Disney’s Mulan (1998 Disney Store) $5
  • Disney’s Peter Pan adapted from film by Todd Strasser $5
  • Little Squarehead by Peggy O’Neill and Illustrated by Denise Freeman $5
  • The Tyger by William Blake and Illustrated by Neil Waldman $5
  • Alphabet City (Caldecott) by Stephen T. Johnson (shows a little wear) $4
















More Books (Also in very good to like new condition)…

  • Flower Fairies of the Summer: A Celebration by Cicely Mary Barker $8
  • Pond, Lake, River, Sea by Maryjo Koch $8
  • Noah’s Ark and the Ararat Adventure (Young Earth worldview) $4
  • Henry’s Gift: The Magic Eye – Written by David Worsick, Illustrated by Joyce Harris, & 3D images by Bohdan Petyhyrycz, Jr. $5
  • Fairies: Celebrations From Season to Season by Adrienne Keith & Illustrated by Wendy Wallin Malinow (comes with a folding cardboard fairy box) $5
  • The Dragon Chronicles: The Lost Journals of the Great Wizard, Septimus Agorius $8
  • On the day the Tall Ships Sailed by Betty and Michael Paraskevas (cover shows some wear) $4
  • Animals  Animals by Eric Carle (cover has wear, price corner cut off – but can be removed w/same design underneath) $5
  • Good Night Philadelphia by Adam Gamble & Cooper Kelly – Board Book – Autographed by author Gamble w/children’s names on it $5
















Poetry and more…

  • A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein (cover shows a tiny bit of wear) $8
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein (inscription on inside page) $8
  • A Giraffe and a Half by Shel Silverstein (cover shows a tiny bit of wear) $8
  • The Big Book For Our Planet (no cover, but I’m not sure if there ever was one; mark on inside cover from where a book plate used to be) $8
  • 3-D Planet: The World as Seen Through Stereograms by Hiroshi Kunoh & Eiji Takaoki (cover shows wear w/tear at bottom, but book design is same as jacket so it can be removed; pages look thumbed through, but nothing major) $4
  • The Ultimate Noah’s Ark: The Perfect Puzzle for All Ages by Mike Wilks (cover shows wear w/tear in top left corner; name on inside page) $5
















Chris Van Allsburg, plus one…

  • The Wreck of the Zephyr (minor shelf wear on cover) $8
  • The Wretched Stone (minor shelf wear on cover) $8
  • The Garden of Abdul Gasazi (Caldecott; minor shelf wear on spine) $8
  • Maryland: A Portrait by photographer Roger Miller (autographed & inscribed by photographer; also inscribed by gift-givers; cover shows shelf wear) $12
















Lastly, I do still have the Mickey Mouse collection of geography/country books I had last year, please see the post here to see the titles available.

I am getting ready to move, so I have a lot of things that I’d like to send to other people’s homes rather than pack and unpack. So I intend to do a few other posts with other kinds of items (Creative Memories, figurines/horses, stuffed animals, dolls/lithographs, toys, etc.) during the week. Please come back and see if there’s anything else to make you or someone special smile. I am happy to hold items until the end of the week to save you money on shipping. Keep in mind that all of these items can ship media mail, but none of the other items will qualify. As items sell, I will come back and make notes on this post to keep you up-to-date. Thanks for looking!

First Day of Homeschool

Let’s try this again. I’m a little less stressed than I was last night (or early this morning) when I apparently deleted my entire post about our day. I still have no idea how I did it, but life goes on.

Our first day this year went very well. They enjoyed their new school supplies – personal dry erase board, notebooks, long floppy erasers, and a little gift. LegoFan got a box of erasers shaped like puzzle pieces (He loves the Autism Speaks logo!); and Diva got a mini notebook and pen, decorated with butterflies.

Then we had one of their favorite dishes for breakfast: French Toast! While I”m sure it has a bit too much sugar on it, I didn’t hear any complaints!

Then, before the academics began, we started both our year and the day with a little scripture. We decided that we would read one Psalm a day, in order, and the Proverb chapter that coordinated with the date. (We actually skipped #5 as I did not feel it was appropriate for young kids getting ready to start school!)

On to academics! For history we do <a href="Click here to visit RC History.” target=”_blank”>RC History and love it! I cannot say enough good things about this program. We have completed Volumes One and Two; and are currently working on Volume Three.  It’s great to know that all the living books suggested in the program have been pre-screened; so I’m not afraid to give either child any book on the list. We are working at the Grammar Stage now, but it’s set up so that we can spiral back through and delve deeper into history as the children get older.

This week, so far, they have done two map exercises. I don’t expect them to know how to fill everything in at this point so we talk about it and they fill in the important boundaries, names, rivers, etc. Then they get to color! We use Knowledge Quest’s Blackline Maps for the ancient world and the Americas.

We also learned a little bit about a couple of saints from the same time period. One was St. Anthony who is said to have been blessed by a visit from the Infant Jesus.

The second one was St. Hyacinth who was saving the Holy Eucharist from and invasion when he heard the Blessed Mother call out for him to save her statue as well. Apparently, this statue was much too heavy for him to carry, but it became miraculously weightless as he carried it out of the church. All were safe from the attack.

Science is Exploring Creation Through Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day. We’ve been through their Astronomy, Botany, Zoology 1, and Zoology 2 courses as well. The kids enjoy the short lessons and activities; and I enjoy the fact that God and His creation are at the center of the program.

For Language Arts, Diva is finishing up with First Language Lessons of the Well-Trained Mind, Level 4; but since there is no Level 5, we had to find something else for LegoFan. What we found was Lingua Mater. We haven’t started it yet, so I’ll have to report on that a bit later.

Our spelling program is also amazing: All About Spelling. This program works great for LegoFan who had Asperger’s and ADHD; as it is a multi-sensory program. He gets to learn to spell words through magnetic tiles, color-coded cards, speaking, and writing. Diva likes all the different activities too. In fact, this program has eliminated many of the, “Mama, how do you spell…?” questions.

Math is Singapore Math. The spiral format, again, is great for LegoFan as he gets just the right amount of one topic and then moves on to another one. With each book, they delve deeper into the various skills.

We are also doing Art (Artistic Pursuits), Music (Classics For Kids – Free online course), Religion (Faith and Life), French (a free program from the BBC), Geography (using Holling C Holling’s books), and an introduction to Shakespeare. It’s a full year, but the kids and I are looking forward to it!

We found, and are following, a curriculum put together by Michele Quigley and Kathryn Faulkner called Mater Amabilis. I wish I would have found this curriculum earlier.

But back to our day… after the academics were complete, we had a dinner of the children’s choosing – pizza!

All in all, it was a very good beginning to our school year. After their prayers, they each told me that that they enjoyed their day; and that they were looking forward to more. That sounds like a first day of school success!

This post is being linked to Building Our Homes Together and Women Living Well – hop on over to see what these other ladies are doing this week! Some of the links in this post are affiliate links; and they are all for books we have actually used and enjoyed.