AUTHORS & Artists {Review and Giveaway}

It’s that time of the month again – the time when I review another great product from Mrs. Lorrie Flem at Eternal Encouragement!

This month it’s a neat little book called AUTHORS & Artists: Learning Character Through Writing. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package – inside was a beautifully wrapped little book. This book was loving wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper and a simple tulle bow. I wish I had thought to take a picture because it was just such a sweet way to send a purchase.

But the other surprise was the size. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but inside that beautiful wrapping was a spiral-bound book that’s about 4″ x 5″ x 1″. This is a great size! It fits in your purse for Character Training On-the-Go. It’s also small enough to bring to the dinner table. This is great for anywhere, anytime!

As I looked through this book, I found all sorts of wonderful teaching and encouragement. I know this book was written for children, but I can also see benefits for adults too! Included are pages on Biblical Character Traits, The Commandments, and The Fruits of the Spirit. She also added pages for the holidays and the “author’s” birthday. There’s a space for the date at the bottom of each page, so this would make a great keepsake.

How does it work? Well, there’s a title at the top; such as Tattling or Listening, followed by several blank lines. To the right is a description of the trait, with some simple questions designed to stimulate the child’s thought process. The space for the date is at the bottom. I would recommend this book for stronger readers and writers; so perhaps ages 10 and up.

The only problem I had with this wonderful little book was that some of the descriptions were kind of long and the spiral holes went right through the text. It’s pretty simple to figure out; however, this could have been spaced a little better.

You can win a copy of this book, AUTHORS & Artists, as well as a copy of ARTISTS & Authors by going to the following posts on Lorrie’s blog:

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Don’t forget to tell them you came from Behind the Scenes!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the Authors & Artists book in exchange for my honest review as a part of the Gabby Moms program. All opinions are my own.

The Other Day

I think I’ve figured out what bothered me the most about the other day ~ Intimacy.

For me, attending Mass is an intimate experience. I am there to praise and worship; to connect with Jesus and be filled by Him. It’s a special time to be shared; not an obligation.

So, attending Mass with a man who is technically “my husband” but who is actually living elsewhere and participating in an intimate relationship with another woman; is disconcerting to say the least. It should be a spiritually intimate experience; but it’s difficult to share any type of intimacy in this situation.

But this Mass was about love; ok, they all are. However, this one in particular was about Jesus’ love for His earthly mother. He loved her. He honored her. Mary’s life is one from which we can  learn a lot. She loved. She sat at the foot of the cross as her Son hung there dying. She held Him in her arms after He was taken down from that cross.

She prayed.

So I prayed. Admittedly, I prayed for my children and myself first. I know. I’m working on it. But I prayed for him too.

It was still a difficult experience; and I can’t say it actually helped at that moment. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t. God hears all prayers; so I know He heard mine. Praying for the person who has caused me so much pain was/is the right thing to do. It’s what Jesus Himself did. In fact, I borrowed His words:

Father forgive {him, he} knows not what {he} does.

I may never see the results of these prayers; but that’s not important. What’s important is that I pray them; and continue to pray them. For both of us. I believe it’s part of my path to forgiveness.

Please know that I don’t mention this  for my own glory. I am not seeking to be praised for my prayers for someone else.  The purpose behind me writing about my painful journey is twofold: to give God the glory and to help someone else who may find themselves in a similar situation. If my pain glorifies God; and possibly helps someone else, then it will be worth it.

Untitled – On Purpose

Today was a rough day. I didn’t blog about it, but I had a second foot surgery in six months a couple of weeks ago. I had gone back to the doctor wondering why I was still experiencing pain after February’s surgery. At first, the doc thought that the muscles and tendons were just taking a little longer than usual to heal. But then he felt it – another, relatively large, cyst. In fact, he ended up finding two more. He looked at me and said since it’s giving you so much pain, you know what we have to do… So I scheduled the surgery.

It was different this time. This time I had no illusions of any spousal support. He was gone and I was alone. With two children too young to care for themselves. Fortunately, my mother was able to come and help. I was even able to employ some of Lorrie’s Freezer meal techniques to ensure that there was some food in the freezer for those days she wasn’t able to be there. So, while not ideal, it was ok. God provided for my children and myself.

I was officially cleared to walk, with caution, on Monday. He told me I still had to take it easy so I didn’t overdue it; and so that the inside could continue to heal. I was also told that I could drive IF I could get a regular shoe on my foot. Well, I can’t do it yet without pain.

And that’s where today’s difficulties come in. Today is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary in the Catholic Church. I know that there are some non-Catholic Christians who believe that we, as Catholics, worship Mary; especially with feasts like today. However, it really is as simple as this… Jesus grew up here on earth with the same commandments we were given; and following those commandments He honored His mother. And so, we follow His example and honor her too. It’s honor, not worship. But I don’t want to argue that point with anyone. The point is that I wanted to attend Mass with my children on this day that is special to us.

We had the option of attending Mass on Tuesday evening at our usual church a half hour away from the house; or tonight at our church or the church down the street. Going back to my doc’s rule, I tried to get a shoe on my foot. It wouldn’t go on. I was frustrated. Then my ex called and wanted to see the kids on Wednesday evening. I told him about church and the shoe not fitting; and he surprisingly said he was willing to to take us all to Mass and spend a little time with the kids afterwards. I was surprised, but hesitant.

So, if I wanted to attend Mass, I had to be humble and accept his help. I told him I’d accept, but I didn’t say ‘thank you’ fast enough and he yelled at me for my lack of gratitude. I immediately regretted accepting; but I had already told Diva, and she LOVES going to church. I was not going to disappoint her.

We went tonight; and it was difficult. The priest mentioned turning to your spouse for support during his homily. And here I was sitting near a man who is legally my husband, but who I know is going ‘home’ to another woman. I couldn’t stop the tears. I tried to wipe them before LegoFan saw them, but I was too late. It’s amazing to me that he seems completely out of touch with his and other people’s feelings; yet he is completely in touch with mine. He always knows. Always.

Breaks. My. Heart.

After Mass, he told the children that he was going to get them dessert and we went to Rita’s. They began to enjoy their dessert, but he rushed them and told them they could finish at home. As were getting out of the car, he took the kids up to the door and unlocked it. As I was getting my purse, his phone beeped. I looked at the screen. It. Was. Her.

So… He takes us to church and out for dessert. A strange, unsettling feeling.

Jesus, thank you for your love, and the strength to walk through this difficult time. I know you are by my side.

Last Day for Back-to-School Event

August 10th is the last day to join in the Back-to-School event from While I must tell you that I am an affiliate for them, I want to tell you that I personally use their products. And I am so excited about the new Notebooking Publisher feature that all members get to use for no charge!

You see LegoFan HATES to write; and that may be putting it mildly. But even he is looking forward to using Notebooking Publisher to help him this year. We’ve tried it out already and it really helps him to focus on the content and not worry about the writing aspect. Debra explains this feature better than I can, so I’m going to let you watch her demonstrate it in this video:

Visit to learn more about their memberships
and their new web-app, The Notebooking Publisher™

Again, August 10th is the last day of the sale, and after that the membership price is going to increase. So, if you’re even a little interested, this is the time to do it. Oh, and one more great thing? The new member price is going up, but the annual renewal price stays the same! Gotta love that!

OGS – Dolls and Lithographs

As I continue my quest to reduce my belongings and increase my ability to keep homeschooling my children, I now have some dolls from around the world and some Disney lithographs to share. Please see my previous posts for other items, my reason for doing this, and shipping information. Please feel free to share these links around; helping me to be able to stay home with my children.

Dolls from around the world – When I was growing up, my dad was in the Navy. He would spend months at a time away from our family on submarines and destroyers. Whenever he stopped in another country, he would bring back a doll for display. I used to love having them on display in my room. But now that space and money is limited, it is time to part with them. I would rather have someone who can display them own them then keep them in a box. That being said, they have been stored in a box for the last few years, which means they may need a little TLC and/or cleaning.  So while they weren’t played with, they may show their age (which is at least 30-35 years old). Some examples include items on their heads may not be tight, those on stands may need a little help, elastic may not be tight, etc. On the one porcelain, pioneer doll, there is a slight hairline crack on her head. Oh, and the small Dutch (I think) doll, her legs will need to be re-attached.

I don’t have specific prices in mind for each of these. I am thinking at least $10 for each, but for some on up to $30/40. If you like any of them, please feel free to make an offer or ask any questions.





















































Disney Lithographs – I bought each of the Disney movies as they were released; before I had children! So I have had all of these lithographs for many years.  Most of them have a slight amount of water damage in one corner or either the envelope or the lithograph; however I don’t think it shows on any of them. There is a matting-style folder into which the lithograph fits. They all come with the lithograph, matting folder, and envelope. I am asking for $5 for each one; with the exception of the Little Mermaid set (last photo). This set contains four lithographs and four mats in one folder. This one is still sealed in its original plastic. I am asking $25 for this set.

Molly’s Country Living

I have just finished reading the August 2012 edition of Molly Green Magazine. Boy did it make me homesick for a country home where I used to live. The whole issue brought back memories of living the country life: gardening, raising animals, cooking from scratch, and more. But the authors are quick to point out that you don’t have to live on “a 20 acre patch of land” in order to learn these skills and put them into practice.

For example, one skill I learned about in this issue is lotion-making. LegoFan has some serious allergies which result in eczema on occasion. It’s important for us to use a lotion that is mild on his skin. The recipe Molly provides is one that would great for him and is so easy to make.

And there are many more like this. I appreciate the fact that Molly’s Magazine promotes and recognizes what’s important in life and in the family. This issue also includes an article from a young man, a budding entrepreneur, who says, “Working with my family has taught me important life skills.” Isn’t that what we want from our kids? How about from ourselves?

Molly’s August issue contains helpful information on a variety of topics, so that no matter what stage of life you find yourself in, you can find something of interest. There are articles on decor, cooking ~ with recipes, farming, gardening, seasonal purchases, and more. It’s a comprehensive issue that doesn’t jump all over the place. All the articles are linked together by the central theme of country living (worthwhile even if you don’t live in the country). I also like that the ads are simple, and kept to a minimum. With its small price tag, minimal advertising, and informative articles, Molly Green Magazine is one magazine I’d like to keep receiving!

* I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. You can purchase Molly Green Magazine individually each month; or you can become a member and receive twelve month’s worth.

Online Garage Sale – Crafts & Fantasy

Ooops! I forgot some Creative Memories items last night. Please refer to my Curriculum post, my first Creative Memories post , my dolls/lithographs post… for details on how to get these items and why I am doing all this. I pray that you will help me get the word out about this so I can bless my family. I have more to come…

  • Calendar Pages $3 Sale Pending
  • Baby Kit $3
  • Combination Kit: Football $3
  • Combination Kit: Baseball $3
  • Combination Kit: Wilderness $3
  • Paper Pack: Wilderness $3



















Schleich Animals – These were Diva’s and she’s decided she wants to pass these along to someone else. She has played with these so there may be some marks on them.

  • White Horse with Fairy in Pink (Two separate pieces) $8
  • Brown Horse with Sprite in Green (Two separate pieces) $8 Sale Pending
  • Dark Brown Horse with Fairy Mom and Baby in White (Two separate pieces) $8
  • White Unicorn $4 Sale Pending
  • Brown and White  Horse $4 Sale Pending
  • White Horse $4 Sale Pending
  • Small Brown Horse $3 Sale Pending
  • Fairy in Green & Black $4
  • Fairy in Blue & White $4

Blog Hop – Part Two

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to do a series of posts to go along with the Curriculum Blog Hop.  I’m doing this for a couple of reasons; one of which is having less to pack and unpack when I move at the end of September. But there’s more… Because of my current life situation, I am going to be a single mom. Ok, I am a single mom. It is my goal to continue to be able to homeschool Diva and LegoFan; but it’s going to be tough.

I need to raise money for a security deposit on a new place to live; and money to supplement what the court awards us. I plan to sell as much as possible, as well as start an etsy store to keep things going. So please let me know if you see anything that strikes your fancy, either here, yesterday’s post, Part Three, Part Four, or other upcoming posts. Like I said yesterday, I am happy to hold something if you’d like to wait until I’m done posting.

I guess it’s kind of like a huge online garage sale to raise money so I can continue to homeschool my kids!

Today I am paring down my Creative Memories supplies – I have WAAAY too many things and can’t possibly use them all. I’m hoping there are some fellow scrapbookers or paper crafters out there who could use some of it. Prices do not include shipping. Quoting the USPS, “If it fits, it ships” – therefore if you see several things, I can put them in a flat-rate box to save on shipping charges. Otherwise, I will charge based on the weight of the package. Please leave me a comment with the items you want, and your zip code; and I will package it up and email you with a shipping quote. Please do not forget to include your correct email address in the combox form – I will not post it but I need a way to contact you.  I accept paypal and ship quickly.

  • 5×7 Ruled Pages $8
  • 7×7 Natural Ruled Pages $10
  • 8.5×11 natural Ruled Pages $12
  • 12×12 Natural Ruled Pages $15
  • 12×12 Square Corner Border Pages $10
































  • Comfort Photo Mounting Paper Packs – Set of Two $5
  • Photo Mounting Paper (10×12) – 5 colors, 15 sheets $7
  • Scenic Photo Mounting Paper (10×12) – -7 colors, 14 sheets $7
  • Power Pack: Year of Memories for 12×12 or 12×15 albums $15
  • Power Pack: Times of Your Life for 12×12 or 12×15 albums $15






















  • Done With One: Halloween $3
  • Done With One: Holiday $3
  • Done With One: Travel $3
  • Stick With One: Contempo $3
  • Done With One: Baby $3
  • Celebration Combination Pack $3
  • Pretty Paper Pack: Berries ‘N’ Bows (2 Available) $3 each
  • Easy Expressions Die Cut Words $3
  • Landscape Die Cut Shapes $3
  • The above items are listed at $3, but I will do all ten packs for $25 or five packs for $14






















  • Great Lengths Cabana Titles $3
  • Memory Keepers Club Stationery Sets (Cards, Envelopes, Pens, Photo Corners, Labels) $10
  • PicFolio Minutes Album in Green or Red $18 each or both for $35
  • Page Patterns – Spring 2006 $3 (Page Patterns and Color Confidence together for $5)
  • Color Confidence – Spring 2006 $3 (Page Patterns and Color Confidence together for $5)
















  • Snap Pack – Fun in the sun $5
  • Corner Rounder $5
  • Square Maker (Punch makes 2 sizes of squares) $15
  • Mini Square Maker (Punch makes 2 sizes of squares) $15
  • Mini Circle Maker (Punch makes 2 sizes of circles) $15
  • Two Shape Makers for $28, or all three for $40
















  • Blue Template $1.50 (One of each of the three templates for $3)
  • White/Clear Template – Patterns ‘N’ Pens $1.50 (One of each of the three templates for $3)
  • Yellow Template – Corners ‘N’ Borders $1.50 (One of each of the three templates for $3)
  • Alphabet Stickers – Confections: Parfait – Mini ABC/123 (Set of Two) $3
  • 12-inch Cutting Patterns: Straight, Swell, and Wavy Edges $15
  • Super Starzz Kit $8
  • Black 5×7 Pages $8
















  • Black 7×7 Pages $10
  • Natural 7×7 Pages $10 SOLD
  • Spargo 7×7 Pages $10
  • Idea Book – Fast Formulas: Third Edition $7 (Three idea books for $20 or five idea books for $30)
  • Idea Book – Scrapbook Page Design and Layout Ideas: Volume IV $7 (Three idea books for $20 or five idea books for $30)
















  • Idea Book – Scrapbook Page Design and Layout Ideas: Volume VI $7 (Three idea books for $20 or five idea books for $30)
  • Idea Book – Scrapbook Page Design and Layout Ideas: Volume VII $7 (Three idea books for $20 or five idea books for $30)
  • Idea Book – Smart Start: Sorting Techniques $7 (Three idea books for $20 or five idea books for $30)
  • Creative Memories Scissors $3
  • Borderline Rulers: Ocean Wave, Victorian, Scallop, Wavy, or Zig Zag) $1 each
  • Photo Pockets $3
  • Photo File $2
  • Photo Card $3
  • Thanks To You Color Wheel $1.50
  • Transparent Bag – 4″x4″ $1.50
  • Antique Blade Scissors $3
  • Refrigerator Magnet $1
  • Mini Kit – Blue Tin, Stickers, Die Cuts, Idea Book $5
  • Photo Cleaning Cloth (Green) $2
  • National Scrapbook Day Kit $2
  • Color Wheel With movable wheels $2.50

Online Curriculum Blog Hop

I am joining Jessica over at Shower of Roses for her 2nd annual curriculum blog hop! Each of us will have a list of curriculum that we are no longer using that we would like to pass on to other families that may need it. Each person’s list is independent of Shower of Roses and may have different policies, so please read each one carefully.

Everything I am including comes from a smoke and pet free home. Also, everything is used unless otherwise mentioned. Prices do not include shipping. Please leave a comment with your preferences and I will email you for your address and shipping preferences. I will ship either media mail (for appropriate items) or priority mail. When I email you, you can let me know what you prefer. Please do not forget to enter your correct email address in the comment form so that I can reach you. Rest assured that your information will not be publicly shared.

I will do my best to list anything out of the ordinary about the condition of each item; but keep in mind that everything has been used before; and therefore, it’s all in used condition. So here goes…

I have three cookbooks:

1. The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas – in great condition! I’m not sure if this book has ever been used. It includes more than just recipes. He also includes Chanukah and Christmas in other Cultures. This book retails for $25, I will sell it for $8.

2. Southern Living 1994 Annual Recipes – in great condition! I’m not sure if this book has ever been used. The cover does show a little wear, but the inside seems close to perfect. It includes every single recipe from 1994, plus tips, charts, and tips. The party planner in the back has not been used. $8.

3. Baltimore Orioles: Bird Feed (Produced by the Baltimore Orioles’ Wives) – in good condition! This book has never been used, but the binding was never really done properly. Some of the pages don’t look like they are the same size, and they stick out slightly farther than the cover. The inside however is great – the pages aren’t used. The book is called “Bird Feed” and was put together by the Orioles Wives to benefit their charities. The forward was written by Polly Surhoff (BJ Surhoff’s wife). The 1999 book includes recipes from names you will remember: Amaral, Arias, Baines, Bancells, Bishop, Bones, Bordick, Clark, Conine, Crowley, DeShields, Ebel, Fetters, Flanagan, Hendricks, Horsman, Hunter, Johns, Johnson, Kamieniecki, Kison, Manfra, Miller, Murray, Mussina, Orosco, Perlozzo, Reboulet, Rhodes, Ripken, Snider, Surhoff, Thompson, Timlin, and Wren. $5

Now on to curriculum and other kids’ books…

* Draw Write Now Book One – On The Farm – Kids & Critters – Storybook – in really good used condition and does show a little wear. $6 each or all three for $15 Sold

* Draw Write Now Book Two – Christopher Columbus – Autumn Harvest – in really good used condition and does show a little wear – may have a stray mark or two $6 each or $15 for all three. Sold

* Draw Write Now Book Six – On Land – Ponds & Rivers – Oceans – in really good used condition and does show a little wear – may have a stray mark or two. $6 each or $15 for all three. Sale Pending

* Italic Handwriting by Getty & Dubay (3rd Edition) Instruction Manual – This book shows some shelf wear on both covers, but no tears. There is a sticker on the front and a little residue from another sticker. I didn’t see any, but there’s always a chance for some stray marks in the book. $2

* Wizard Crafts: 23 Spellbinding Toys, Gifts, Costumes, And Party Decorations – It barely looks used at all. All included patterns are still in tact. $5.

* 1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Cars: A Step-by-Step Guide – There is some wear to both covers; you can see the front cover in the photo. The inside is in really good condition, with the exception of the last page which is a completion certificate that has been colored. $3.

* Faith and Life Series: Our Life with Jesus (Book Three – Revised Edition) – This book shows some shelf wear on both covers, but no tears. I didn’t see any, but there’s always a chance for some stray marks in the book. $3

* Singapore Math: Primary Mathematics (US Edition) 4A Textbook – This book has some definite shelf wear, with a little tape on the spine. I didn’t see any, but there may be some stray marks in this book. $3

* Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 4B Textbook (U.S. Edition) – This book has some shelf wear, with curved corners & some marks on the cover. I didn’t see any, but there may be some stray marks in this book. $3

* Scholastic Voyages of Discovery $6 each or $30 for all six.

  • #7 The Art of Sculpture – one ripped page that has been taped; stickers still sealed
  • #8 The World of Theater – pages look good, stickers still sealed
  • #12 The History of Moviemaking – some of the perforations are loose, but they’re supposed to be removed and thrown away; stickers still sealed
  • #14 What the Painter Sees – some of the perforations are loose, but they’re supposed to be removed and thrown away; stickers not sealed, but they are unused
  • #16 Water, the Source of Life – pages look good, stickers not sealed, but they are unused
  • #19 Bikes, Cars, Trucks and Trains – one ripped page that has been taped; some of the perforations are loose, stickers still sealed
















Some Pretty Picture Books (all in very good to like new condition)…

  • The Turtle Saver by Laurie Parker $5
  • The Whoosh of Gadoosh by Pat Skene & Illustrated by Doug Keith $5
  • Miss Lilly and the Hollyhock Garden by Mary A. Martin (Has a review copy stamp in the inside page) $5
  • Disney’s Mulan (1998 Disney Store) $5
  • Disney’s Peter Pan adapted from film by Todd Strasser $5
  • Little Squarehead by Peggy O’Neill and Illustrated by Denise Freeman $5
  • The Tyger by William Blake and Illustrated by Neil Waldman $5
  • Alphabet City (Caldecott) by Stephen T. Johnson (shows a little wear) $4
















More Books (Also in very good to like new condition)…

  • Flower Fairies of the Summer: A Celebration by Cicely Mary Barker $8
  • Pond, Lake, River, Sea by Maryjo Koch $8
  • Noah’s Ark and the Ararat Adventure (Young Earth worldview) $4
  • Henry’s Gift: The Magic Eye – Written by David Worsick, Illustrated by Joyce Harris, & 3D images by Bohdan Petyhyrycz, Jr. $5
  • Fairies: Celebrations From Season to Season by Adrienne Keith & Illustrated by Wendy Wallin Malinow (comes with a folding cardboard fairy box) $5
  • The Dragon Chronicles: The Lost Journals of the Great Wizard, Septimus Agorius $8
  • On the day the Tall Ships Sailed by Betty and Michael Paraskevas (cover shows some wear) $4
  • Animals  Animals by Eric Carle (cover has wear, price corner cut off – but can be removed w/same design underneath) $5
  • Good Night Philadelphia by Adam Gamble & Cooper Kelly – Board Book – Autographed by author Gamble w/children’s names on it $5
















Poetry and more…

  • A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein (cover shows a tiny bit of wear) $8
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein (inscription on inside page) $8
  • A Giraffe and a Half by Shel Silverstein (cover shows a tiny bit of wear) $8
  • The Big Book For Our Planet (no cover, but I’m not sure if there ever was one; mark on inside cover from where a book plate used to be) $8
  • 3-D Planet: The World as Seen Through Stereograms by Hiroshi Kunoh & Eiji Takaoki (cover shows wear w/tear at bottom, but book design is same as jacket so it can be removed; pages look thumbed through, but nothing major) $4
  • The Ultimate Noah’s Ark: The Perfect Puzzle for All Ages by Mike Wilks (cover shows wear w/tear in top left corner; name on inside page) $5
















Chris Van Allsburg, plus one…

  • The Wreck of the Zephyr (minor shelf wear on cover) $8
  • The Wretched Stone (minor shelf wear on cover) $8
  • The Garden of Abdul Gasazi (Caldecott; minor shelf wear on spine) $8
  • Maryland: A Portrait by photographer Roger Miller (autographed & inscribed by photographer; also inscribed by gift-givers; cover shows shelf wear) $12
















Lastly, I do still have the Mickey Mouse collection of geography/country books I had last year, please see the post here to see the titles available.

I am getting ready to move, so I have a lot of things that I’d like to send to other people’s homes rather than pack and unpack. So I intend to do a few other posts with other kinds of items (Creative Memories, figurines/horses, stuffed animals, dolls/lithographs, toys, etc.) during the week. Please come back and see if there’s anything else to make you or someone special smile. I am happy to hold items until the end of the week to save you money on shipping. Keep in mind that all of these items can ship media mail, but none of the other items will qualify. As items sell, I will come back and make notes on this post to keep you up-to-date. Thanks for looking!