2016 Curriculum Blog Hop {Part 5}

Now it’s time for other media for you to peruse! This is Part 5 of the Shower of Roses Curriculum Blog Hop for 2016. Check out my previous posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4Scrapbooking Supplies, Crafts, Home, Toys, Fairies.

Same terms: Shipping is buyer’s choice of media or priority; and will be calculated based on weight and zip code when you’re done filling your box. Payment is venmo, paypal ($1 will be added to the total), or personal check (shipping will be delayed until check clears).

CDsCDsCDsDVDsShirley TempleVeggieTalesVeggieTalesDVDsDVDsDVDsDVDsDVDsVHSGone With the WindCleopatraStar WarsVHS



























Cheri Gregory Marriage CDMilkshake CDsHoly Heroes CDs



























































  1. Four Christmas CDs $2 each
  2. Gary Lamb CDs (set of 5) $10
  3. Celtic Love CDs (based off Titanic music) $5 for all three
  4. DVDs – Pagemaster and Mario $2 each
  5. Shirley Temple – One DVD and boxed set of three VHS tapes $5 for all
  6. VeggieTales VHS – 18 tapes (see both photos for all titles), one tape has no box, boxes have seen better days, $10 for all 18 tapes
  7. Classics DVD – Great Expectations, Curiosity Shop, Oliver Twist, $2 each or all three for $5
  8. Journey of Faith & Star Wars DVD – $2 each
  9. Smithsonian Chronicles – $1 & Black Swan DVDs – $2 (Family Classics DVD is SOLD)
  10. Phineas & Ferb, Legend of the Guardians, Bionicle DVDs – $2 each
  11. Milkshake (Grammy nominated children’s band), Bionicle DVDs – $2 (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is SOLD)
  12. Miscellaneous VHS tapes with shows taped to them – $1 for all of them
  13. Gone With the Wind Boxed Set – $5
  14. Cleopatra Boxed Set – $5
  15. Star Wars Boxed Set – $10
  16. VHS: Dances with Wolves (plastic still on), Good Morning Vietnam, Field of Dreams, Bible Stories – $1 each
  17. Cheri Gregory Marriage CD – never used $2
  18. Milkshake CDs – Grammy nominated children’s band, Happy Songs (not original case), Self-titled Milkshake (not original case), Great Day $2 each or all for $5
  19. Holy Heroes Altar Gang – He’s Coming, We’ve Been Wronged (not original case), Man to Mangia $4 each or all three for $10

I think this is everything – for now! Once again, I truly appreciate you taking the time to look at all I have to offer; and considering making a purchase to add to your collection and to help me take care of my children’s tuition.

2016 Curriculum Blog Hop {Part 4}

Back again with some more books for you to peruse! This is Part 4 of the Shower of Roses Curriculum Blog Hop for 2016. Check out my previous posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 5Scrapbooking Supplies, Crafts, Home, Toys, Fairies.

Same terms: Shipping is buyer’s choice of media or priority; and will be calculated based on weight and zip code when you’re done filling your box. Payment is venmo, paypal ($1 will be added to the total), or personal check (shipping will be delayed until check clears).







Set of Highlights magazines from the 70s – $6 and issue or $50 for the set

Bible HistorySt. Joseph Catechism









Bible History – Fair condition $2

St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism – fair condition $2



Folk Tales






Set of Folk Tales – good condition, $2 each or all three for $5

Klutz Spiral DrawKlutz Spiral DrawKlutz Spiral Draw
















Klutz Spiral Draw – has all drawing pieces, but the pens are dried up so they’re not included (can use any pen with a tip that can be inserted into the disks). A few pages have been doodled; most have not (see second & third pictures) $8












Degas book – small size, good condition, has inscription (see second photo) $2

Winnie-the-Pooh SetWinnie-the-Pooh Set









Winnie-the-Pooh set – good condition for their age, set of four(4) books, probably early 70s, but not sure; $10

Nancy DrewNancy DrewNancy DrewNancy DrewNancy DrewNancy DrewNancy DrewNancy DrewNancy Drew

































Vintage Nancy Drew Books – Set of the first 10 titles in the series, see photos for conditions and copyright dates (some in the 30s!), great condition! $150

Vintage Sesame Street Books






Vintage Sesame Street Books – Set of 5 from 1970. Pretty good condition for their age $50 for all five(5)


Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my posts and consider what you’d like to add to your collection. Once again, every purchase goes directly toward helping this single mama pay high school tuition. We appreciate everyone who helps us on this journey!

2016 Curriculum Blog Hop {Part 3}

Back again with some more books for you to peruse! This is Part 3 of the Shower of Roses Curriculum Blog Hop for 2016. Check out my previous posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, and Part 5Scrapbooking Supplies, Crafts, Home, Toys, Fairies.

Same terms: Shipping is buyer’s choice of media or priority; and will be calculated based on weight and zip code when you’re done filling your box. Payment is venmo, paypal ($1 will be added to the total), or personal check (shipping will be delayed until check clears).

All of the following books are $1 each; or 6 for $5. There is a $5 minimum order please. I am happy to combine with anything on any of my other 2016 posts.

Please assume all books have been read; and their condition may range from ok to great.

Multiple BooksMultiple BooksI SurvivedDouble Diamond Dude RanchFlat StanleyKids Silliest RiddlesScience PuzzlesHoe To Eat Fried WormsTrouble RiverCritical Thinking PuzzlesKaleidoscopes
















Missing LinkHorse SenseWorld's Dumbest CrooksAngels' Wings










King Athur






























Don’t forget to check out all my other posts (linked at the top) for more treasures as I clear my shelves. Your purchase will help this single mama be able to afford a tuition payment – we thank you for supporting us!

2016 Curriculum Blog Hop {Shower of Roses}

It’s time for Jessica’s annual Curriculum Blog Hop. Feel free to hop on over there to see all the other posts, after checking out all the items I have to offer this year.

This post will be rather long this year as this was my last year of homeschooling – long enough for multiple posts! It’s a bitter sweet ending to this chapter in our lives. I had intended to continue through high school, but circumstances made it so that it was better for them to attend two of the Catholic Schools in the area. So, now I just need to sell everything to put a dent in the tuition. As a single mom, this is a huge undertaking. To that end I hope you will all help me clear my shelves and be able to afford some of this tuition. Thank you!

All items will be priced and described with each photo. Prices will NOT include shipping as I want to be fair with pricing in the event multiple items are requested. Please comment with your list of books and I will email you (not shown publicly) for your zip code and to arrange a shipping price. Shipping can be priority or media mail.

Payment can be via paypal ($1 added), venmo, or personal check (shipping will be delayed until your check clears).

Now, let’s get to this extensive list!


Math-U-See Algebra 1 Teacher Manual and DVD $25 for the set (used condition, DVDs work fine, little to no writing in the book)
Math-U-See Algebra 1






Math-U-See Geometry: Teacher Manual, Student Book, DVD, Test Book $50 for the set (used condition, DVDs work fine, little to no writing in the book)

Math-U-See Geometry






Creating Line Designs $3 (used, but no writing inside)

Line Designs










Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition Textbook $50, Full Course on DVD $50, Tests & Solutions CD-Rom $10 (no case) – or $100 for all three (book is in pretty good condition – no highlighting or major writing; both disks work just fine)

Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology

Apologia Exploring creation with Biology Disks











Connecting with History, Volume 1 (2005) (you can have the binder, or choose not to have it to reduce the weight, just let me know) $20

Connecting with History Volume 1









Connecting with History, Volume 2 (2009) $20

Connecting with History Volume 2









Connecting with History, Individual Unit $2

Connecting with History









Atlas of the Bible $2

Atlas of the Bible









Around the World in 180 Days $20

Around the World in 180 Days









Look It Up Book of Presidents $5











Famous Men of Greece, great condition $10

Famous Men of Greece










All About Spelling, Level 7 (used, most forms from student pack included – no progress sheet) $30

All About Spelling Level 7






IEW Windows to the World: An Introduction to Literary Analysis, Teacher Manual $15

Windows to the World









IEW Teaching Writing CD $5











Writing Without Fear Disk $10

Writing Without Fear









Practical Assessments for Literature Based Reading Classrooms $3

Practical Assessments









Reading & Language Arts for the Middle Grades $5

Reading & Language arts









Prince Caspian Study Guide Disk $10

Prince Caspian CD









Indian in the Cupboard Guide $2

Indian in the Cupboard









Newspaper Reporters $2

Newspaper Reporters









The Art of Teaching Writing $

Art of Teaching Writing










Prima Latina Disk $5

Prima Latina






BJU Spanish 1 (NOT Catholic, but don’t think there’s anything anti-Catholic in these Spanish books); four piece set: Text – teacher and student; Activities manual – teacher and student; excellent condition $60 for all four books

BJU Spanish 1

BJU Spanish 1

BJU Spanish 1BJU Spanish 1


















Emphasis Art $10

Emphasis Art






Biographies Wagner and Verdi; like new condition, $10 each or both for $18

Composer Biographies






Art Books: Multi-cultural Art Book and Classical Kids $7 each or both for $10

Art Books









Talking with Artists $5

Talking with Artists










Plants Grown Up and Polished Cornerstones $25 each or both for $40

Polished CornerstonesPlants Grown Up









Lessons in Responsibility for Boys and Lessons in Responsibility for Girls $12 each or both for $20

Lessons in Responsibility for BoysLessons in Responsibility for Girls









Managers of Their Homes; some of the sheets have been used to make a schedule, but many remain to make multiple schedules $10

Managers of Their Homes










This post has grown too long! However, I have many more items to list. I’ll be back with a couple more posts; and I will link to them here, once they are up. Items can be combined from the posts and I’ll be happy to wait until I get everything listed so you can see all of it. Thank you!

Post #2

Post #3

Post #4

Post #5

Scrapbooking Supplies





Shower of Roses Curriculum Blog Hop

It’s that time of year again! Time to sell last year’s curriculum to make way for the new year’s books!!!

All items are used unless otherwise noted. This means that there may be highlighting, underlining, and/or stray marks. Any other notable damage will be noted. Shipping will be based on weight; and you can choose whether you would prefer priority mail or media mail. If you see an item or items that you want, please comment with the titles. I will contact you for your zip code.

BJU Biology

BJU Biology – Books A and B – $20

Successful College Writing, 4th Edition

Successful College Writing – $5

Building Foundations for Communication & Building A Speech

Building Foundations for Communication & Building a Speech – $5

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days – Paperback – $1

Singapore Math 6B Teacher

Singapore Math – Primary mathematics – US Edition – Teacher’s Guide – 6B – $5

Plants Grown UP

Plants Grown Up – $30

Polished Cornerstones

Polished Cornerstones – $30

Learning Calligraphy

Learning Calligraphy – $3

Around the World in 180 Days - Geography

Apologia – Around the world in 180 Days – Geography – $25

Apologia - Exploring Creation with General Science

Apologia – Exploring Creation with General Science – Hardcover textbook – $35

Heores of Olympus - Mark of Athena

Heroes of Olympus – Mark of Athena – Book 3 – Hardcover – small crease in cover in upper left – $5

Mark Twain - Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain – Tom Sawyer – Hardcover – $3

math Wizardry for Kids

Math Wizardry for Kids – Paperback – great condition – $5

Singapore Math 5B Workbook

Singapore Math – Workbook – Intensive Practice – 5B – this book is about half done in pencil; can be erased or just use the last half for more practice – $3

Connecting With History RCHistory

Connecting with History – RCHistory – Europe 1501-1600 – Level Three – Unit 6 – Never Used (I bought two by mistake) – $3

Managers of Their Homes

Managers of Their Homes – some forms cut up, but more than enough left – $15

Blue Knights - Year One

Blue Knights – Year One – Never Used – slight shelf wear, but new – $8


I will update this post as items are pending and sold. Head on over to Jessica’s Shower of Roses for more posts. Thank you, Jessica, for hosting this blog hop each year!

Homeschool Used Book Sale

It’s that time of year again – time to sell last year’s books and buy next year’s books! And every year I am reminded of that Staples commercial where the dad is taking the kids back-to-school shopping and they use the song called “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” I always loved that one! But as a homeschooler, my kids don’t go back-to-school.

I still love this time of year. I love new plans, new books, and new supplies.  And I truly enjoy being able to pass on the books the kids used so that another family can use them too. So here are the books I have to offer today…

Than you to Jessica at Shower of Roses for hosting this blog hop!

{Terms: All books are used unless otherwise noted and may have stray marks in them. Shipping will be based on weight and zip code and will be calculated after I know which books you would like. Shipping can be either priority or media mail – your choice. Please leave a comment with the titles & shipping method you want and your zip code. Comments are moderated so zip codes will be deleted.}

  • Faith & Life – Our Life with Jesus – Level 3 – $5 
  • Faith & Life Book 3
  • Singapore Math Teacher’s Guide 6B – US Edition – $5 Singapore Math 6B Teacher
  • Around the World in 80 Days – paperback $1 Around the World in 80 Days
  • Artistic Pursuits – Grades 4-6, Book Two – $30 
  • Extra IEW Binder – contains instructions, notes, guidelines for parent/teacher – $15 IEW Structure & Style Binder
  • Successful College Writing, 4th Edition, includes 2009 MLA & 2010 APA Updates, Kathleen T. McWhorter – $20 Successful College Writing, 4th Edition
  • Building Foundations for Communication & Building Speech, Seventh Edition, Sheldon Metcalfe (some water marks on first several pages, cover shows a lot of wear) – $8 Building Foundations for Communication & Building A Speech
  • BJU Press Biology With Laboratory Exercises, Book A and Book B (I found one page of highlighting while thumbing through; about a third to a half of the exercises have the answers written in pencil and I can try to erase them, but can’t guarantee it’ll be perfect) – $20 for both books BJU Biology


Thanks for looking, please forward this post to anyone looking for homeschool books. I will mark each title as pending or sold as comments come in. Totals will be rounded to even dollar amounts and I would prefer payment via paypal.



For a few years now, I’ve been reading people’s “One Word” posts. I even wanted to select a word for myself. But last year, I had three words I liked and I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. So I did what any sensible person would do…

I just gave up on the idea.

Ok, not so sensible. But this year, as soon as I remembered the “One Word” idea, my word was there for me. There was no hemming and hawing. No deciding. It was just there.


Apparently I’ve been having too many pity parties over the last few months. Or maybe I just need to be reminded that, despite my current circumstances, I truly am blessed.

With this being 2014, I thought I’d kick off this year of the BLESSED with 14 blessings I can count in my life right now:

  1. My God ~ My Faith ~ My Salvation – This wonderful God blessed me with the gift of His Son; and, thus, the gift of salvation. This Son, Jesus, died for me, so that I might live. This photo is of my Origami Owl locket. In it is a plate that is stamped ‘Blessed,’ the word ‘Love,” and a cross – all to remind me of the love my God has for me!  Blessed Locket, Origami Owl
  2. LegoFan – I’m listing him first, not because he’s loved more than his sister, but because he was born first. LegoFan has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, as well as a host of other things. He has taught me some much-needed patience. He has shown me true joy. I am blessed to know him and to be his Mama.  LegoFan Ornament
  3. Diva – Obviously, she was born second. She is developing into a beautiful young lady. She has brought femininity back into my life. She has humbled me. I am blessed to know her and to be her Mama.  Diva Ornament
  4. My Mother – I don’t have a photo she’d be happy with me posting, so this will just be text. My mother is one of the few family members who truly supports me in my endeavors to continue homeschooling the children, despite being a single parent. She has supported my decision in word and deed. I am so blessed to have her in my life and to know that she supports us.
  5. A Place to Live – We are not currently living in a place I would choose to live. But, my children have a safe place to be, play, and learn. We have a place that is warm and shelters us from the elements. We have something soft under our heads when we sleep at night. We are blessed to have somewhere to be each day. A Place To Live
  6. A Car to Drive – Earlier in 2013, my car was a mess. It had dents, a crack in the windshield, a hole in the floor from the driver’s heel, and had parts falling off of it. The worst thing? Two windows wouldn’t stay up and there was no heat. Then the brakes went out… It was time to send it to the auto graveyard. So I looked for used cars. I set my budget and was determined to stick to it. I made a list of cars available at a few different dealers in the area and we set out to look. We had struck out at most of the dealers and there were only two left. We drove onto the lot and were a little disappointed in this little lot with some broken down cars and a trailer for an office. They didn’t have the car I came there to see. But being the good salesman he was, the employee told me he had a few cars come in the night before that had not yet been advertised. He showed me one, but it wasn’t what we needed. Then he showed me another one. It would not have been my first choice, or even my 10th probably, but I gave it a chance. It was $500 less than my budget, that was a good start. He gave me the VIN and told me I could go run a CARFAX on it. I got on my computer and researched the make and model only to discover that it was one of the better made cars out there. I ran the CARFAX to discover that this car had no accidents or any other problems reported in its history. It seemed like this car was supposed to be for me. After I bought it I realized that I had asked God for something safe and reliable; and He delivered. But not only that, like Solomon asking for the right thing in Wisdom and getting more than he asked for; I, too, got more than I asked for. I got some features I’d only dreamed about having! I am very blessed to have been directed to this car; and it has grown on me too! A Car To Drive
  7. Food to Eat – Food has been something of a struggle for us. LegoFan has battled food allergies all of his life, and each time he’s tested, we find something new. This past year, we ended up going gluten-free, and change is not always easy. But we have found things to like, and new ways to prepare some of our favorite foods. It’s a journey. But we have food, and we are able to prepare and enjoy good things to eat. We are blessed to have our daily bread! Gluten-Free French Toast
  8. Clothes to Wear – I am definitely not a fashionista, and I’ve had a love-hate relationship with clothing over the years! So right now, my wardrobe consists of jeans and t-shirts. It’s not where I want to be, as I’d like to feel a bit more feminine most of the time. But I have something to wear. My children have things to wear. My mother sometimes picks things up for them too. And then there’s the time when I found jeans for LegoFan for $2.67 and blouses for Diva at $2 – what blessings! Then Cammie over at A Woman’s Place posted about her thrifty find called thredup. I went over there and found a treasure-trove of dresses for Diva at great prices (if you go over there via my link, you will get $10 off your first order with them, and so will I). We are truly blessed to have such clothing to wear. "New" Dresses
  9. Homeschooling – I love this blessing! To be able to be such an integral part of my children’s education is amazing. I get to see the light bulb go on when they figure out something new. I got to be the one to not only teach them how to read, but also the one to show them the joys of a good book. I was privileged to be there with Diva as she struggled through long division and came out victorious. I am able to encourage LegoFan as he tries to find ways to communicate his knowledge, even if they are a bit unconventional. It’s a road we travel together; one in which we learn and grow together as well. I am blessed with the freedom and ability to be my children’s teacher. Science Experiment
  10. The Internet – I know, this can be a blessing and a curse. It is both to me sometimes. But coming from the perspective of blessings, I have been reunited with friends from college, high school, and even elementary school through facebook. I have had the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals through twitter and facebook. I have the chance to write, explore my thoughts, and share parts of my life via this blog. I have found deals to save money on things we need, as well as ways to earn a little money. I have ‘met’ several wonderful ladies through blogs and homeschool groups. I am blessed by what I have chosen to use on the internet, and what it has to offer.
  11. My Plexus business – I recently decided to join Plexus to help improve my health and to help me earn a living to take care of my babies. This company is dedicated to natural ways to get your body in tip-top shape. Their most notable product is Plexus Slim and I just started taking it. I guess I will have to post before and after photos along this journey.  I am blessed to be in business for myself with a company that helps to improve others’ health.plexus_slim
  12. My Origami Owl Business – This was the first business I really joined. I fell in love with the concept of Living Lockets – I loved being able to design and re-design my own jewelry, and that it told my story! And it’s just plain fun – fun to wear and fun to present! I am blessed to be in a business that is fun and prides itself on being a “Force for Good.” Locket - Heart-Shaped
  13. My Lilla Rose Business – I just love my Lilla Rose business. I ended up joining Lilla Rose at roughly the same time as Origami Owl – and it wasn’t planned that way! Lilla Rose has the most beautiful hair accessories – I call it Hair Jewelry! But it’s not just that they’re beautiful, they actually hold my hair! All of it. All day. And NO headaches! But I got something else when I joined Lilla Rose: I got a Lilla Rose family! We have a group on facebook that is so supportive and encouraging, that it’s impossible not to succeed. I am very blessed to be a part of this company, to be able to wear these lovely products in my hair, and to be a part of the Lilla Rose family. Lilla Rose Flexi Clip
  14. God’s Majesty – God sends reminders of His blessings constantly. Sometimes it just takes me longer to see them. But they’re always there. God is the Master Artist and there is just so much beauty in His world. God’s Majesty fills me with awe. I am blessed to live in a world with so many beautiful sights, that He provides them for my (and your) enjoyment!

Fall GlorySunset on the WaterFlower Up Close

As this year continues forward, I know there will be difficult times. I know there will be days that I have a hard time remembering to be grateful. This post will serve as a reminder ~ and permanent record ~ that I have a lot for which to be grateful.

I am truly blessed!

What is your word for this year? If you’ve written a post about it, feel free to share a link in the comments.

* Disclaimer: Most of the links in this post are for my businesses, one is an affiliate link. All are ways to help me help my family. I am a single parent trying to keep my babies home and take care of them in the way I feel God wants me to. If you click on the links and make a purchase, you will be helping us, and I will be grateful.

This Is Autism

I first read about Suzanne Wright’s op-ed when I read John Elder Robison’s resignation from Autism Speaks. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, and I applaud Mr. Robison’s strength of character.

Her words included: “despair” ~ “fear” ~ “depleted”

I read that my exhaustion is going to make me ill and become broken, leaving my child with no one to care for him.

That may be the way that Suzanne Wright feels about people with autism, but it’s not how I feel about my son. I feel Blessed!

Locket - Autism

And I’m a single mother. And I have a son on the Autism Spectrum.

LegoFan BDay

I may be tired at the end of each day, but I am far from ill and broken. I do not live in despair. I am not depleted.

Driving Range

But there was a time when I lived in fear… It was when I was reading all books written by so-called experts. Like Cammie over at A Woman’s Place, I now focus on my own experiences and that of actual mothers & adults who live with autism day-in and day-out. They paint a much more realistic picture. This is where I read about things like:

“Hope” ~ “Love” ~ “Delight” ~ “Laughter” ~ “Intelligence” ~ “Break Throughs” ~ “Accomplishments” ~ “Amazing”


When LegoFan was first diagnosed, I was told there was a possibility he would never leave home and probably never hold a job. I no longer believe that; however, even if it’s true I’d be happy to have him.


LegoFan is truly delightful! Our house is never dull. In fact it is the complete opposite! It is full of life, smiles, laughter, and activity.


Cammie mentions a cure in her post and it’s something I’ve thought about before. In fact, I told a friend shortly after LegoFan’s diagnosis, that if someone appeared on my doorstep with a magic pill that would “cure” his autism, I didn’t think I’d take it. The caveat to this is that if it would truly improve his quality of life, I might consider it. But at what cost? LegoFan’s contributions to our family are not something I’d like to live without. He is amazingly smart; he remembers things I forget, and he has an incredible way of making a room brighter just by entering it. His heart is huge; and his love is immeasurable.

Allergy - LegoFan

Ok, let me be real for you here. It’s not easy. It is challenging. I have my difficult days. In addition to being a single mom, I home school my children. So I am with LegoFan all day, every day. I am the only one who coordinates his meds and his appointments. I’m the only one who drives him to doctors and groups. So, yes, I am tired. But would I say I’m exhausted to the point of being ill or broken? Most certainly not.


Would I trade my LegoFan for anything? Hmmm…

Back To School 2013

What do you think?

Curriculum Sale Blog Hop

Today I am joining Jessica at Shower of Roses for her 3rd Annual Curriculum Sale Blog Hop. I hope that you are able to find something you need to bless your family this school year. Please ask any questions you may have. All prices are for the items only. I will add shipping based on the weight of the items and the zip code. When I get your information, I will send you quotes for media mail and priority mail, so you can decide what’s best for your family. All items will be sold on a first contact basis. I will let you know if an item is pending when you contact me. I will also come back and update this post as items are pending or sold. Payment can be made through paypal.

On to the books:

* Home School in the Woods Time Travelers New World Explorers CD (Gr. 3-8) – Like new, minimal light marks on CD underside, works well. $18 (SOLD)

* Faith & Life Book 3: Our Life with Jesus, Revised Edition, Textbook – used condition, some marks on cover. $5

Faith & Life Book 3

* Faith & Life Book 4: Jesus Our Guide, Revised Edition, Textbook,  Activity book, & Teacher’s Manual – textbook is used & has some marks on the cover, activity book has some erased writing on the first couple of pages, teacher’s manual has some shelf-ware but looks great. All three for $20 (SOLD)

* Getty & Dubay Italic Handwriting Workbook, Level F – some shelf-wear, but no writing. $5 (SALE PENDING)

Getty & Dubay Itallic Handwriting

* Artistic Pursuits – Cover says Grades K-3 Book Three, however it has lessons 1-23 from Book Three and lessons 24-32 are from Book Two. This book was bound incorrectly, but if you haven’t done book two yet, it would still be a great book with great lessons and activities. $20 (SOLD)

* Artistic Pursuits – Grades 4-6 Book One – The Elements of Art and Composition – Edges show a little wear, but otherwise great condition. $28 (SOLD)

* Singapore Math, Primary Mathematics, Teacher’s Guide 6B For U.S. Edition and 3rd Edition by Singapore Math, Inc. Used condition. $10

Singapore Math 6B Teacher

* Singapore Math, Primary Mathematics, 6A Textbook, some wear, $7; 6A Workbook, never used, $9  – BOTH for $15 (SOLD)

* Singapore Math, Primary Mathematics, 6B Textbook, some wear, $7; 6B Workbook, never used, $9  – BOTH for $15 (SOLD)

* Math-U-See, Zeta, Teacher’s Manual. Comb binding has some broken pieces, but the book is still usable. The pages show a little wear. $10 (SOLD)

* All About Spelling, Level Four, shows some wear on edges. Includes book, word cards, sound cards, key cards, phonogram cards, lists & some pages from the student packet. $28 (SOLD)

* Apologia, Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology – Page 147 came torn from the publisher only we didn’t realize it until we got there. A third of the page is missing, however page 148 is a blank page and 147 is a project. The only thing missing is one photograph. No text, instructions, or materials are missing. The ability to complete the project is not hindered in any way. The rest of the book is in really good condition. $28 (SOLD)

* Geography A Literature Approach: A Guide to Using Holling C. Holling Books, 1995, Beautiful Feet Books. Some check marks and writing inside, some erased, one page has a green mark on it. $2 (SALE PENDING)

Holling C. Holling GeographyGeography

* My Path to Heaven: A Young Person’s Guide to the Faith, Sophia Institute Press. Great condition. $5 (SOLD)

* The Aeneid for Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Church, shows some wear. $3 (SOLD)

* Lingua Mater Intermediate Language Lessons, Emma Serl, Hillside Education. Lesson 103-105 are on one page that got wet w/water and are wrinkled, but legible. Some stray marks, but otherwise good. This book has 300 lessons in it and is designed to be used over the course of 2-3. (Gr 4-6) Retails for $46.95, asking $20 (SOLD)


Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to offer!

Exciting Week!

Wow! My head is spinning!

I recently decided that I needed to start earning some of my own money if I’m going to continue to stay at home and educate my children. Being a stay-at-home, homeschooling, single mom without any income just isn’t going to cut it anymore. But entering the workforce isn’t an option if I’m determined to keep my children at home…

Dream Catcher

So a few months ago I put myself on the waiting list for a new direct selling company named Origami Owl. The wait list was long and I anticipated the wait would be longer than I wanted. And I wanted to start earning money as soon as I could… So I started trying to find other options. I liked the Flexi Clip that I got for Diva, so I thought about joining Lilla Rose. It took me a little while, but I found a consultant I liked and I signed up. I also started an etsy shop called MamaCre8s. I don’t have much in it right now, but I will be adding to it soon.

FB Timeline Cover 1

But here’s the crazy part… I started the etsy shop in the first week of January; a few days later I joined Lilla Rose. Then my number came up at Origami Owl! All of this happened within a few days of each other – Spinning Head, I tell ya!

Etched Cross

But I am excited! I really like all of these things and I am determined to earn some money to help me stay home with my babies. So, I know I don’t live near anyone who reads this little ole blog, but I’d be happy to do an online show for anyone’s who’s interested in either – or both – Origami Owl or Lilla Rose. Just let me know in the comments. You can also just go to my websites and take a look around without a show.

I am so grateful that there are options for moms like me! Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way.