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A Cooking Extravaganza {Review}

Doesn’t that title sound like what we are all going to be doing over the next month? At least that’s what it’s usually like for me! I like to cook and bake; but from Thanksgiving until the end of January; I’m doing a lot more! Why January? In my immediate family, we have three birthdays during the month; with a week between each. It’s a very busy ten weeks!

So, when I got this month’s Gabby Moms review package from Lorrie Flem at Eternal Encouragement, it was perfect timing. And now you can get the same package for yourself and your holiday needs; or as a Christmas gift for that special cook in your life.  This set includes seven ebooks and a signed, printed copy of What’s for Dinner, Mom? (If you recall, I got to review that one a few months ago & loved it!)

Here are the ebooks you will get with this package:

  • Bulk Cooking Tips and Tricks
  • Fill Em Up
  • Healthy Sanity Saving Breakfasts
  • Lorrie’s Favorite Recipes from 2011
  • Pizza Primer
  • Sensational Salads
  • The Secrets of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Don’t those sound inviting? They did to me. With a few simple recipes in basic categories anyone can be a successful cook! Then add in the print copy of What’s for Dinner, Mom? and you’re armed with an amazing arsenal of skills.

I love the Healthy Breakfasts ebook – only 10 pages, but jam-packed with a variety of morning ideas (though, truth-be-told I’d serve some of them for dinner too!). I had to chuckle at the last recipe though that’s called “Not So Healthy Granola Bars.”

The Fill Em Up ebook is full of great ideas to help keep those bellies feeling full, while stretching the budget.

I love the photographs in Lorrie’s Favorite recipes! They are very helpful when making a new recipe. I think my daughter would absolutely love the Pepperoni Spaghetti Bake!

These books are short, but sweet. They are approximately 7-13 pages each – the perfect size for someone who’s just starting out – or even for seasoned veterans!

Lorrie’s having a giveaway over at her blog – one lucky winner will receive this entire package! But if you can’t wait or don’t win this giveaway, you can purchase this set here.  If you are considering this recipe package as a Christmas gift, please place your order by December 12 to ensure timely delivery of the print book (the ebooks will be an instant download).

Disclaimer: I was provided with electronic copies of all of these ebooks in exchange for my honest review – all opinions are solely mine.

Managing My Minutes – A Review

This month’s Gabby Mom’s review was for Mrs. Lorrie Flem’s Managing My Minutes. Boy, this is something that hits home! I know this is an area of my life where I need some definite improvement!

There are days I end up at dinner time and wonder, “What did I get done today?” Now that doesn’t happen every day – thank goodness – but every once in a while is still too often. I need to learn how to better manage my time. Managing My Minutes just may help me to improve this part of my life – and maybe yours too!

Two things I loved about this was ‘asking for help’ and ‘giving God the glory’ – here’s where my sinful nature comes into play. I don’t like asking for help. I am getting better at asking for prayers; but asking for ~ and accepting ~ help is still very difficult for me. As for giving God the glory, I don’t have a problem with that; however, I am forgetful. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I forget where my help comes from in the first place; and then I forget to give credit where credit is due. I’m getting better, but Lorrie’s reminder is what I need sometimes.

I love how she weaves the story of Nehemiah through her book. It really helps to know that there’s someone else who’s traveled this road. I do not need to reinvent the wheel!  Being reminded of what Nehemiah did, and of his methods, helps to remind me that I am not alone in this – now that’s a good feeling!

Lorrie makes a really good case for implementing a schedule – even though it’s something I balk at using! I do have a basic home maintenance schedule; and I began making weekly schedules for the children’s schoolwork last year. Both are helpful. Perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and create a working schedule for the whole family.

How does your family plan or schedule its time?

“Managing My Minutes” is available here.

I was given an advanced copy as a member of the Gabby Moms team in exchange for my honest review.

Molly’s Country Living

I have just finished reading the August 2012 edition of Molly Green Magazine. Boy did it make me homesick for a country home where I used to live. The whole issue brought back memories of living the country life: gardening, raising animals, cooking from scratch, and more. But the authors are quick to point out that you don’t have to live on “a 20 acre patch of land” in order to learn these skills and put them into practice.

For example, one skill I learned about in this issue is lotion-making. LegoFan has some serious allergies which result in eczema on occasion. It’s important for us to use a lotion that is mild on his skin. The recipe Molly provides is one that would great for him and is so easy to make.

And there are many more like this. I appreciate the fact that Molly’s Magazine promotes and recognizes what’s important in life and in the family. This issue also includes an article from a young man, a budding entrepreneur, who says, “Working with my family has taught me important life skills.” Isn’t that what we want from our kids? How about from ourselves?

Molly’s August issue contains helpful information on a variety of topics, so that no matter what stage of life you find yourself in, you can find something of interest. There are articles on decor, cooking ~ with recipes, farming, gardening, seasonal purchases, and more. It’s a comprehensive issue that doesn’t jump all over the place. All the articles are linked together by the central theme of country living (worthwhile even if you don’t live in the country). I also like that the ads are simple, and kept to a minimum. With its small price tag, minimal advertising, and informative articles, Molly Green Magazine is one magazine I’d like to keep receiving!

* I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. You can purchase Molly Green Magazine individually each month; or you can become a member and receive twelve month’s worth.

Exciting News!

Awhile back I wrote a review of Lorrie Flem’s (of Eternal Encouragement) ebook entitled Yelling: The Cause, The Casualty, The Cure. It was something I had to review as my ‘audition’ for the Gabby Moms. Little did I know, not only how helpful this book would be, but also what an adventure the Gabby Moms would be!

Well, this book is back! When I reviewed it in December, I had just come out of a very angering experience, and it was very timely. Ironically, I am going through an even more frustrating experience now. You can read more about it here. There have been times during this past year that my nerves have been completely fried. I’ve hit rock bottom. There have been times I’ve yelled at my children; which does nothing but make things worse.

Even though I haven’t been perfect, I have been able to apply some of Lorrie’s tips and techniques to help both my children and me during this time. In addition, I am definitely praying more. That’s one of the things I really like about Lorrie’s book – it’s not something you read once and never revisit. “Yelling”  is a book that you can turn to again and again.

It’s more of a resource than a book.

Ok, the title of this post is “Exciting News” – Do you want to know what that means? I thought so. First, there’s going to be a party on facebook! Yay!

But wait ~ there’s more! The party is to celebrate the fact that “Yelling” is Lorrie’s first book available on Kindle!!! You can go ahead and purchase the book now (by clicking on the title or image) for $4.99 OR, and here’s the best part, you can get it for FREE on July 24th, 2012! For one day only, the 24th, Amazon will have the kindle version of “Yelling” for free! Isn’t that awesome?

So, pick up the ebook and join us for a party on Tuesday, July 24th – and, yes, you can YELL about it!

* I received a copy of “Yelling” in exchange for my honest review as part of the Gabby Moms program.

Many Hands Review and Giveaway

I’ve heard it said that the more hands you have the lighter the work. Sometimes with children, it’s easy to doubt that statement. I know that there are times when my children ‘help’ me and I end up with more work to do; or everything seems to take longer. I’m sure moms of young children know exactly what I mean!

As a member of the Gabby Moms team, I received a bundle this month called “Many Hands Make Light the Work” from Eternal Encouragement, and it was helpful in giving me a new perspective.  This bundle of six ebooks and four audios is a treasure trove of helpful information! I especially appreciated the specific tips and the reasons behind cleaning and organization. In fact, those ‘whys’ are powerful motivators in facilitating change. If we don’t own why we do what we do, then we are not as likely to do it for the glory of God.

Chores: Many Hands Make Light the Work

As I went through this whole bundle, I found so much that I could use! Mrs. Lorrie Flem included practical tips for getting organized, getting the children involved, having a cheerful attitude, and even getting hubby’s input! I really appreciated the lists of age-appropriate chores for the children and the all-natural cleaning product recipes. Then there’s the audios! All four audios are full-length ~ around 60 minutes each.

This is a set I will come back to multiple times!  Would you like to have your own set? Well, you can buy it here OR you can enter to win a copy of your own by filling out this form. It will ask the name of this blog – please enter Behind the Scenes.

Good luck!

* As a member of the Gabby Moms team, I received this bundle in exchange for my review.


Well, it sure has been a while, hasn’t it?! Shortly after my last post here, I had to send my computer in for repairs (that was in early September!) Two and a half months later, my old computer has been deemed a lemon and I sit here typing from a new one. Yay! You just don’t realize how attached you are to this technology until you don’t have it for a while.

But now I’m back and I’m going to start writing again with a timely review of a great new ebook from Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement. The book is called: Yelling: The Cause, The Casualty, The Cure. You see, I could have done a lot of yelling about this computer situation; and I did in the beginning, but with a bit of prayer and planning I was able to keep a cooler head than usual. It’s the simple strategies presented in Yelling that helped to turn this situation around for me; and allowed me to be a better example for my children…

I was hooked from her first paragraph! Yelling at our kids to get their attention is something all of us mothers deal with at some point in our season of motherhood. At least I know it’s something with which I have struggled… More. Than. Once.

Then she got me again… She admitted to being a yeller herself, and wondered if it was appropriate that she write such a book. I love honesty! I would much rather read a book from someone who’s “been there” than from someone who claims to be an expert, yet has never had to actually deal with the topic at hand. It’s so much more real that way. Don’t you think?

The first step in changing a behavior is realizing that there is something wrong with the behavior in question. Lorrie briefly and gently helps her readers to see that yelling offers no benefits, and then unfolds an eleven step plan to those of us who want to stop yelling. Of course, I can’t go into all of the steps here, because then you wouldn’t have any need to read the book, right? But what this book has to offer is helpful for all parents. I will say that she starts with the most important step of all: prayer. Yelling is not a positive character trait, and we need God’s help to overcome it. The inclusion of Scriptural references validates Lorrie’s points.

Yelling is short and to the point. Lorrie offers us doable steps and practical tips that really make it simple to put her plan into action. This is one book that you can read in an afternoon or evening, then put into practice the very next day. I appreciated that she inserted several excerpts from letters written by moms who also struggle with yelling ~ it helps to know you’re not alone when dealing with a tough issue.

I know I’ve struggled with yelling before. I have felt so guilty after yelling at my children, especially knowing that it really didn’t help the situation. This book, Yelling, gives me hope that with a few simple techniques, I can tame this beast! Heck, the tips included will help make my life, and my children’s, better in more ways than one!

* The Gabby Moms furnished the ebook, Yelling, by Lorrie Flem Eternal Encouragement Magazine in exchange for my honest review.

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