2016 Curriculum Blog Hop {Shower of Roses}

It’s time for Jessica’s annual Curriculum Blog Hop. Feel free to hop on over there to see all the other posts, after checking out all the items I have to offer this year.

This post will be rather long this year as this was my last year of homeschooling – long enough for multiple posts! It’s a bitter sweet ending to this chapter in our lives. I had intended to continue through high school, but circumstances made it so that it was better for them to attend two of the Catholic Schools in the area. So, now I just need to sell everything to put a dent in the tuition. As a single mom, this is a huge undertaking. To that end I hope you will all help me clear my shelves and be able to afford some of this tuition. Thank you!

All items will be priced and described with each photo. Prices will NOT include shipping as I want to be fair with pricing in the event multiple items are requested. Please comment with your list of books and I will email you (not shown publicly) for your zip code and to arrange a shipping price. Shipping can be priority or media mail.

Payment can be via paypal ($1 added), venmo, or personal check (shipping will be delayed until your check clears).

Now, let’s get to this extensive list!


Math-U-See Algebra 1 Teacher Manual and DVD $25 for the set (used condition, DVDs work fine, little to no writing in the book)
Math-U-See Algebra 1






Math-U-See Geometry: Teacher Manual, Student Book, DVD, Test Book $50 for the set (used condition, DVDs work fine, little to no writing in the book)

Math-U-See Geometry






Creating Line Designs $3 (used, but no writing inside)

Line Designs










Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition Textbook $50, Full Course on DVD $50, Tests & Solutions CD-Rom $10 (no case) – or $100 for all three (book is in pretty good condition – no highlighting or major writing; both disks work just fine)

Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology

Apologia Exploring creation with Biology Disks











Connecting with History, Volume 1 (2005) (you can have the binder, or choose not to have it to reduce the weight, just let me know) $20

Connecting with History Volume 1









Connecting with History, Volume 2 (2009) $20

Connecting with History Volume 2









Connecting with History, Individual Unit $2

Connecting with History









Atlas of the Bible $2

Atlas of the Bible









Around the World in 180 Days $20

Around the World in 180 Days









Look It Up Book of Presidents $5











Famous Men of Greece, great condition $10

Famous Men of Greece










All About Spelling, Level 7 (used, most forms from student pack included – no progress sheet) $30

All About Spelling Level 7






IEW Windows to the World: An Introduction to Literary Analysis, Teacher Manual $15

Windows to the World









IEW Teaching Writing CD $5











Writing Without Fear Disk $10

Writing Without Fear









Practical Assessments for Literature Based Reading Classrooms $3

Practical Assessments









Reading & Language Arts for the Middle Grades $5

Reading & Language arts









Prince Caspian Study Guide Disk $10

Prince Caspian CD









Indian in the Cupboard Guide $2

Indian in the Cupboard









Newspaper Reporters $2

Newspaper Reporters









The Art of Teaching Writing $

Art of Teaching Writing










Prima Latina Disk $5

Prima Latina






BJU Spanish 1 (NOT Catholic, but don’t think there’s anything anti-Catholic in these Spanish books); four piece set: Text – teacher and student; Activities manual – teacher and student; excellent condition $60 for all four books

BJU Spanish 1

BJU Spanish 1

BJU Spanish 1BJU Spanish 1


















Emphasis Art $10

Emphasis Art






Biographies Wagner and Verdi; like new condition, $10 each or both for $18

Composer Biographies






Art Books: Multi-cultural Art Book and Classical Kids $7 each or both for $10

Art Books









Talking with Artists $5

Talking with Artists










Plants Grown Up and Polished Cornerstones $25 each or both for $40

Polished CornerstonesPlants Grown Up









Lessons in Responsibility for Boys and Lessons in Responsibility for Girls $12 each or both for $20

Lessons in Responsibility for BoysLessons in Responsibility for Girls









Managers of Their Homes; some of the sheets have been used to make a schedule, but many remain to make multiple schedules $10

Managers of Their Homes










This post has grown too long! However, I have many more items to list. I’ll be back with a couple more posts; and I will link to them here, once they are up. Items can be combined from the posts and I’ll be happy to wait until I get everything listed so you can see all of it. Thank you!

Post #2

Post #3

Post #4

Post #5

Scrapbooking Supplies





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  1. Anne says:

    I will take the All About Spelling Letter tiles. I haven’t looked at the rest of your posts yet, so I *might* have more items to combine for shipping.

  2. Michelle Bourque says:

    Good day,
    I would like to purchase your anatomy coloring book and the Aplolgia general science book. I am also interested in the teachers manual From Sea to Shining Sea.

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