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Today Courtney over at Women Living Well is beginning a series called Media Mondays. The topic this week is Media and Our Walk With God.

I will admit that there are times that I have rationalized to myself that I am walking with God while I am on the internet. How, you may ask? Well, I subscribe to faith-filled blogs; I read articles on social justice issues and their Biblical implications; and I blog about my faith (sometimes). However, as Courtney points out, there are always chimes that call my attention away from what I’m doing, or should be doing. Those chimes do come in the form of sounds, but they also (at least for me) come in the form of colors and pictures and more articles. Sometimes I can find myself following rabbit trails for hours if I allow myself.

But that’s not the only reason that my time on the internet is not really time with God. Many times, what I am reading is someone else’s opinion, explanation, or theory. Yes, many of these people are more qualified than I am to interpret certain passages; however, they are not an adequate substitute for actually reading the Bible myself. The internet is not a substitute for quiet-time or prayer-time.

I also have to think about the behavior I’m modeling for my children. If I am on the computer all day, what am I teaching them? Let’s see, I could be teaching them that:

  • the computer is more important than they are;
  • the computer is more important the God and prayer-time;
  • the computer is more interesting;
  • this is how a wife and mother is supposed to behave;
  • they are an inconvenience or a burden when they ask me to do something.

I’m sure there’s more, but I think that’s bad enough. I’ll admit that I’ve passed more than one of those messages to my children at one point or another.

While my walk with God is important for me, I also have to realize that it’s important to my family. I need to model the behavior that I want to see from them. In order for me to raise children who love God and love to serve Him, I need to demonstrate that in my own life.

So there are many things – and inherently none of them are bad. The problem lies when I let the things I do compete with and surpass the needs of my family; and more importantly, my Walk with God.

I cannot seem to get the button to work! So this post is being linked to Media Mondays. Please hop over and check out what the other ladies have to say about Media and their Walk with God.

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  • Leah Adams

    Great post. I love your transparency. I think that we all have to be careful about the internet. I try to do most of my internet related ministry work when my husband is at work. That way I’m not always on the computer when he is at home.

  • J (Anonymous)

    Being a writer, this is a struggle. I do almost all of my work at my laptop. And some people with whom I need to be in contact are only available in the evenings. So now and then, my hubby gets to see the back of his wife’s head for a while until I can push myself away. I find that I do better if I build in breaks to my schedule, making sure that I have time for what is most important in my life – faith and family. Being conscious of how easy it is to lose yourself in online projects is a big step. Thanks for the reminder, Heather!

  • Linda Stubbs

    Very good Heather.This is so good to think on. Your challenge is appreciated. Great insight.

    Hope your weekend is going well. We are busy. Our daughter Taylor is going to be 17 on Sunday……….today we will be preparing for a party!

    Hugs and thank you so for signing up for BOHTWJ!

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