Thrive90 – Days 3 & 4

Today is actually Day Four; and a day of rest. Boy, did I need it after Day Three’s activities! On Day Three, I had a new video to try. It was called HIIT Squat Walks – HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This video and workout was short, but boy did it pack a punch! You do four different variations on walking in a squat position for 30 seconds each, with a 60 second ‘break’ in between. The funny thing is that it seems so simple, but my glutes and quads were definitely worked hard! I felt it all day yesterday and again today.

I’m sticking with eating less than I used to, but I’m not always making the best choices when I do eat.  I’m not at a point yet, where I am able to make two different meals so that mine can be healthier.  I will continue to work on that!

Well, tomorrow it’s back to another new video. I look forward to trying it as well as the others. I have to admit that’s one thing I like about the Thrive90 program is that there are several different videos to do during the week. These videos will be the same for four weeks, then there will be a new set of videos for four more weeks, and another new set of videos for the last four weeks. I am told that they get more challenging with each new set, which helps with boredom, strength training, and plateauing.

Thanks for reading this journey with me!


  1. jennibell says:

    Good luck with this!!! I do think it’s important to make two separate meals and would encourage you to. . .it’s a shame to “waste” food on kids who won’t eat it (ask me how I know) and many times I find that if I eat first, then feed the kids I’m less-tempted to pick at their food. Good for you, keeping up with the workouts! I’m usually a failure at that.

  2. Kelly C says:

    Portion control is my downfall even with healthy meals. Come up with some healthy simple meals the kids like and its almost like just creating another side dish for a meal. My daughter is picky so she eats a lot of rice and beans and other simple things like that on the nights we eat something I know she won’t eat. I usually add a few veggies or fresh fruit to her plate no matter what she is eating to make sure she doesn’t live on rice and beans and bread.

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